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Shopping for Teens and College Students – Holiday Gift Guide

If you are looking for the perfect gifts to give to teens and college students, I feel your pain. As kids get older it becomes harder and harder to shop for them, especially within means. Teens pretty much either want pricey high-tech gadgets or games, and college students are so confused they don’t know what they want! I’ve compiled this gift guide based on items I’ve discussed with my teen and college student.

Tips To Help Your College Student Study While Away

College life…dorm rooms…new friends…parties…Who has time to study? With so many activities happening on campus and new friends to meet, a freshman in college can become lost quickly in the hustle and bustle of college life. The right tips can help your college student study while away and help ease the transition from home life to dorm life.

Saving for College: 5 Reasons To Start Now

This post was sponsored by Florida Prepaid as part of the Florida Prepaid Mama’Bassador Program. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.
With one kid in college I know first hand the kind of expenses that come with giving your child the full college experience. I always knew that J-bird wanted to “go away” to college, he’s talked about attending St.

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Show Your #DisneySide With A Free Disney Family Decal

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