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Constipation can be a tough subject to talk about. First consult your doctor and then check out these 5 ways to help ease constipation in children.

5 Ways To Help Ease Constipation In Children

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Constipation is a tough subject to talk about, especially with young children who don’t understand what is happening. When it’s time to go back to school, young children may be too shy to ask to use the restroom and avoid going altogether, which leads to a common, but uncomfortable, issue: constipation.

Baby butt rash got you seeing red? We are big fans of the Boudreaux's Butt Paste because it kicks butt rash in the hiney! Enter to win some and kick butt!

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Kicks Butt Rash {Giveaway}

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I absolutely love their slogan “Let’s kick some rash.” There is nothing worse than a baby with butt rash – it hurts, both of you, more them but it definitely can take an emotional toll on your heart.

Comforting Your Child When They Are Sick

Comforting Your Child When They Are Sick

One of the most horrible things for parents to experience is having sick kids. It will inevitably happen and probably when you least expect it, unless of course you live in a bubble. And it usually happens at night, just as you are ready to climb into bed. As if watching your child suffer isn’t enough, you are going to stay up all night doing it. When my kids are sick I simply don’t sleep.