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Budget Friendly Tips for Keeping Children Entertained During the Christmas Season

As the Christmas season settles upon us, there is an almost palpable energy in the air and a magic twinkle in the eyes of children.  The anticipation of Christmas Day is larger than children are tall and seems to radiate from their little beings!  Knowing how to celebrate and help children enjoy the season in an affordable way can often feel overwhelming.

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You've graduated! Welcome to the real world where nothing is cheap. Here are 5 ways to save money after college so you don't go broke.

5 Ways To Save Money After College So You Don’t Go Broke

Congratulations graduate! You’ve just graduated college, which is a huge step for any young adult, and often a challenging one. You are finally on your way to becoming the responsible man or woman you want to be. This can seem intimidating at first – stepping into the real world is a big deal. Most graduates have student loans to pay off in addition to supporting themselves as well as investing into your future.

There is nothing cheap about a higher education. College life is expensive. Here are 5 ways on how to save money while in college so you don't go broke.

How to Save Money While in College So You Don’t Go Broke

There is nothing cheap about a higher education. College life is very expensive when you add the cost of tuition, books, housing and other necessities together. On top of having to take out students loans, some parents are forced to apply for private and/or parents loans. Jason is in his third year of college and I want him to focus on studying. We are always exploring new ways help him save money without over working himself.