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Bloggin’ Mamas #2015Ready Twitter Chat Tues. Jan. 6 at 9p EST

Blogging is hard work. There is no wrong way to blog, but there is always a better way! Let’s chat about it.
Are you #2015Ready? Need help building a better blog? Join Bloggin’ Mamas Tuesday, January 6th for a twitter chat to help you do just that.
It’s a New Year, so out with the old doubts on blogging and in with new tips and insights.

You Will Be Missed Cyndee, #RudeMomBlog

Sometimes life gets in the way of, well life. The kids need all my attention, the husband needs things too, and well me, I get by. It seems I find myself so wrapped in all the things that need to be done that I forget to enjoy life.
Today I was reminded that time passes quickly, too quickly, and I need to slow down. I awoke to the devastating news that a friend, Cyndee Hill Wells of Rude Mom Blog had passed.

RIP Christine of Adventures of a Thrifty Mama

It’s a sad day in the world of bloggers when we lose one of our own.
RIP to Mama Christine of Adventures of a Thrifty Mama and her son.

If you have a moment please stop by her Facebook page here to leave a few kind words to her surviving 3 children and family.
Christine and her son were murdered by her estranged husband (the boys step-father.)
You can learn more about the story here.
Domestic Violence is real and it takes the lives of loved ones. If you see something, say something.