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It's time to increase understanding and acceptance of autism. Too many are struggling without the basic support they need. It's time to light it up blue!

It’s Time To Light It Up Blue To Increase Understanding And Acceptance Of Autism

Do you know someone affected by autism?I do and I’ve seen the struggles first hand. The struggles to get proper care, proper schooling, and even the struggle to be understood and accepted. Why am I supporting the cause? Because it’s important, because it affects people I know and love, because not enough is known yet. It’s highly likely that you know someone with autism too. With your help and support we can help increase understanding and acceptance of autism.

You Will Be Missed Cyndee, #RudeMomBlog

Sometimes life gets in the way of, well life. The kids need all my attention, the husband needs things too, and well me, I get by. It seems I find myself so wrapped in all the things that need to be done that I forget to enjoy life.
Today I was reminded that time passes quickly, too quickly, and I need to slow down. I awoke to the devastating news that a friend, Cyndee Hill Wells of Rude Mom Blog had passed.

Dining Out With Children Is Only For The Brave

Imagine what life was like before your children for just one minute. Did anything prevent you from going places or visiting locations? Now fast forward to your first child….Are there places you simply don’t go to anymore, like your favorite restaurant because it isn’t considered “kid-friendly” or you are afraid of how your child(ren) will behave? What if your child had a disability that made going to any restaurant seem impossible.