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Enter to win the $150 iTunes Gift Card giveaway and treat yourself to new music, games, movies and more! What would you buy with a $150 iTunes gift card?

Enter To Win The $150 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway – Ends 10/13

Did you order the new iPhone 8 or are you waiting for the iPhone X? Either way, here’s your chance to load your phone with new music, apps, videos and more! I’ve joined a group of other bloggers to bring you this great $150 iTunes Gift Card giveaway so you can have some fun!

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Steve Jobs The Movie: New Trailer Just Released!

Steve Jobs. A name so simple, yet represents a brilliant mind. A man light years ahead of the world in technology, the co-found of Apple, a brand we recognize as more than just a fruit. “Creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing” said Walter Isaacson, Job’s official biographer, shortly after Job’s death.

Apple Pie: 10 Scrumptious Ways To Enjoy Apple Pie

There is nothing like a fresh-baked apple pie! I am trying to find an orchard that we can visit as a family. Coming home with tons of freshly picked apples is perfect for cooking and baking with. I found 10 Scrumptious Ways to Serve Apple Pie and I can’t wait to try these recipes. I have a feeling a few of these will appeal to you too.

There is something special about a homemade pie that simply brings comfort to me. Especially in bed with a pint of vanilla ice cream.

16 GB MAZZO Portable PowerDrive #Giveaway

There isn’t an event that I attend where I haven’t yet run out of battery power on my phone. Being in the social media field it is crucial to have my phone working. A friend gifted a rechargeable battery pack and it has saved my behind my times when out and about. Currently my phone is at 1% battery life after being out for the day, taking picture after picture.

New iPhones Unveiled – Are They Worth the Upgrade?

iPhone 5s on the left and 5c on the right
After many, many years of being a Blackberry user I recently got the iPhone 5. Why? Just wanted a more functional, okay a more fun, phone. Did you hear about the new iPhone’s coming out on September 20th? Needless to say I only got my phone less than a year ago so this is about the right timing for a new one to appear.
One of the greatest things about the iPhone is their resell value.