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Aladdin Magical Carpet Ride Digital HD Giveaway!

Today is the day…THE day that Aladdin comes into homes around the world with the release of Aladdin Diamond Edition Blu-ray DVD!!! Today is all about Aladdin for me and I am super excited. Tonight the family will be watching Aladdin to celebrate and we want you to join the fun. There is so much fun Aladdin stuff happening that I can barely contain myself.

Disney’s Aladdin Chicken Kabobs Recipe & Hummus Recipe

Today’s recipe is sponsored by Disney’s Aladdin Diamond Edition release!
Some of my favorite foods are Mediterranean dishes. We have several Lebanese restaurants we love to visit for their Hummus appetizers and Kabob dishes. In the Russian culture we call meat on a skewer Shashlik (or Shishlik). There are so many different types of kabobs, the possibilities are endless. My favorite is the Lula Kabob – my Egyptian neighbor makes one that is out of this world.