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If you are considering adopting a rabbit, there are many factors to take into consideration. Here is everything you need to know about adopting a rabbit.

Adopting A Rabbit – Everything You Need To Know And Need For Your Home

Having a pet is a great responsibility and takes a lot of work – almost like having a child – depending on the animal. Having owned a Yorkshire Terrier and now an American Tan rabbit, I now realize there are significant differences in caring for pets. If you are considering adopting a rabbit, there are many factors to take into consideration. Adopting a rabbit can bring you and your family joy.

You Can Save A Life or Meet A New Best Friend When You Use It 4 Good

I’m a helper. I’ve always been a helper. Not sure if it’s just my motherly nature, or just something I have become accustomed to doing. Friends have always known that they can come to me, and more importantly count on me, when they have needed help. There is great pleasure that comes in helping others, whether its people or animals.
I was recently challenged by AT&T to find a way to use my cellular phone for good. Actually, let’s back track for a moment.

Foster Child Toy Collection With Bloggin’ Mamas

Disclosure: I am sharing this on behalf of a Bloggin’ Mamas Social Good Campaign. Bloggin’ Mamas and Element Associates are donating a toy to a child in foster care for every blog post sharing this information, up to 25.
Foster children need love too! I have several friends that have adopted children from the foster care system. It’s a true selfless act and takes a person with a HUGE heart.
Today, 402,000 children are in the foster care system in the United States.

#HeroesForOurKids Twitter Party 9/18 @ 8PM

There are approximately 14,000 children in the Florida foster care system on any given day. They can remain in foster care for anywhere from a week to a year or more. The need for parents to take care of these children is dire. Join Our Kids and Latina Mom Bloggers on Thursday, September 18 from 8 pm to 9 pm EST for #HeroesForOurKids Twitter Chat. Participating tweeters will enter to win prizes from local Miami-area sponsors.