Sofia the First Stationary Letter Writing Printable #DearSofia

This Sofia the First Stationary is the key you have waited for to unlock a magical Disney Junior door. Now your child can write a personal letter to Sofia the First so she can send them one back! Print out this beautiful Sofia the First Stationary for your child to write on and decorate. Have your child write their letter, and be sure that your child’s first name is legible! Fold it and place it in a standard-sized envelope and address it to: Dear Sofia, 244 Madison Avenue, Box #411, New York, NY 10016; don’t forget to add a stamp to make sure it gets to Enchancia! Be sure to clearly write your return address on the envelope so that Sofia can respond and knows where to mail your letter. All letters must be received by 12/31/15 for your child’s opportunity to hear back from Sofia.

Sofia the First Stationary Letter Writing #DearSofia English Sample

Sofia the First Stationary

Use this unique Sofia the First Stationary to send Princess Sofia of Enchancia a personal letter telling her something exciting about you and don’t forget to draw her a picture. My girls told her all about their favorite colors, food and even their birthdays! Love Disney? Be sure to check out of all my Disney related posts. For more letter writing stationary or templates you can visit the Dear Sofia page on Disney Junior.

Sofia the First Stationary For #DearSofia Letter Writing

Sofia the First Stationary Letter Writing #DearSofia English

Sofia the First Stationary For #DearSofia Letter Writing (Spanish)

Sofia the First Stationary Letter Writing #DearSofia Spanish

Disclosure: I recently hosted a sponsored #DearSofia letter writing party in my home. The assets above were provided to me for the purposes of hosting the party. I have not been compensated for sharing these templates.

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  • My granddaughter loves Sophia. These are so cute. Thank you for sharing

  • thank you! these are too cute!

  • Thank you for sharing these and this is so cute and a great idea.

  • Hello My Name Is Jayden Mathis

  • Hello Sofia my name is Jayden Mathis I have a toy Lego I’m going to tell you about the color I have its red 2 blue’s one gray three black that And I think that’s all oh Sofia I dreamed About you And Elena she’s my cousin and 2 more girls the my cousins to well it was fun talking to you oh i dreamed About Your Ambulet to have fun with you pretty birds And Hansom Rabbit his also Cool to

  • Dear Sofia
    My name is Annie.
    I want to play more with my cousins Morgan,Mckinley and Carson but since they moved I don’t see them too much anymore. I could visit them but we think they are always busy.Now I barely have people to play with.My sister doesn’t play with me anymore.

  • I love Sofia the first of you end it I will cry my eyes out. Please continue to make more and more seasons of the show because I love it with all of my heart. I don’t know what I’d do without this show. Please I’m begging you, this show is awesome and I love it soooooooooooo much❤️?????. Please do not end it???????????????


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