Snacking Has Never Tasted So Tasty And Some Are #GlutenFree

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Whenever we make sandwiches, burgers or hot dogs, we always serve them with a side of chips. Papa loves his regular potato chips, but I find them so plain and boring. I want action, I want flavor.

J-bird is more like me, we love some added flavor to our chips, and snacking in general. Sometimes a good kick of spice is called for, other times a bit of sweetness is yearned for.

Either way, we don’t want boring anywhere near our plates. Our taste buds crave for more action! In the spirit of summer and all things fresh and new, J-bird and I have embarked on a journey to eat our way through the snacking aisle to find that perfect 4th of July BBQ snacking companion. Chips and dips will be served at our BBQ, but only the best will do for our guests.

Fortunately, the snacking aisle arrived at our doorstep. We recently tried 3 new and very different flavor snacks. Well some of us tried them all, the others didn’t play nice and share, more about that later.

4th of july snacks

Once I saw the variety of chips, I instantly knew which was going to be a Papa favorite. See, the reason I knew this is because he loves the basis for it. This man orders potato skins everywhere we go. Sometimes he even adds them to my shopping list to be picked up from the freezer section! Do you know what I am talking about yet? Here’s another clue, think red and white stripes.

J-bird happened to lay eyes on the TGI Fridays® Bacon Ranch Potato Skins first and tried to totally claim them. See, sometimes it’s a battle of the first to see/eat/claim it, gets it. I shooed him away telling him I had to take pictures first. Trying to buy time until Papa got home.

Plus, I wanted to try them too. Sometimes I don’t even get a small crumb of anything. These boys are animals I tell you! As it turns out, they shared some with me, by some I mean two chips. Then they proceeded to tell me just how good and realistic the TGI Fridays® Bacon Ranch Potato Skins were compared to real potato skins.

After they were done ransacking the bag, I decided to check the ingredients list and was happy to find that they are made from real potatoes. The flavor and taste experience was akin to eating a real potato skin, even one side was darker than the other. With the right amount of seasoning to create the perfect combination of savory bacon and zesty ranch, they really hit the nail on the head with this one. The way to Papa’s heart isn’t as simply through his stomach, it’s through his stomach with BACON!

Another appetizer favorite that we love to eat are onion blooms. Finding the right accompanying sauce is not always easy. Vidalia Brands® Inc. Zesty Ranch Sweet Onion Petals makes choosing a thing of the past. These are made with a real Vidalia sweet onion purée. The very first thing I noticed about these were that they are gluten-free.

The reason I mention this is because close friends of ours eat gluten-free, some for digestive health others for serious health reasons. I am always on the lookout for new gluten-free products to share with friends. So yes, dear friend, I will be personally sending you this post!

But back to the taste of zesty ranch on those sweet onion petals. What a perfect ying and yang melody. This flavor combination really works. Now if only they will make this in a zesty chipotle I may never leave the house again. Are you listening hint, hint. With zero Trans Fat, only 130 calories per one-ounce serving and cooked in sunflower oils, these petals are crunchy, tasty and a much healthier snacking alternative to be served at your next BBQ.


And finally, we come to my favorite, remember I mentioned the lack of sharing, yeah, ummm that was me. I decided to have some hot dogs the other day for lunch and was looking for something to have on the side. I remembered we had the new Boulder Canyon Sweet® Vidalia Onion Kettle Chips.

Look, all I can tell you is whatever I didn’t add to my plate I hid far from sight. No, sorry, these were going to be all for Mama. Naturally I was going to tell my other friend about them because not only are they gluten-free, but they are also Kosher. Not always a combination you can find when you need it.

It always stinks when you know they have to bring their own snacks or desserts with them to parties. Not at my house that won’t be happening. These will be a staple in my pantry for the above reasons and many more.

Have you ever had Kettle chips? I truly enjoy their taste and crunch so much more than traditional chips. I’ve never heard of of the Boulder Canyon brand before but nonetheless, we became best friends fast! These kettle chips are made with premium American grown potatoes and with zero Trans fat.

I hope that they can bottle up and sell the special real Vidalia® onions spice. I use these onions in a lot of my cooking and as toppings, like on this burger I made yesterday, the recipe I will be featuring during our 4th of July cookout. It’s surely the slow cooking that gives these kettle potato chips their crunch, but it’s the seasoning that really packs a punch.

We will definitely be featuring 3 new snacks at our 4th of July table, a bit of something that everyone can enjoy, even the little ones and those that are on restricted menus. Did I mention that Em and Papa tried to eat my kettle chips? Yeah I had to find a new hiding spot. I’m not taking those chances again!

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  • I am thinking of going gluten free, as I have a mystery medical problem, and I’d like to see if this would help. I am a snacker, however, and I appreciate your review.

  • Thank-You Thank-You for the great review on the
    gluten free snacks.They have certainly come out with more things
    that I am able to eat.I am going to look for these snacks next time shopping.

  • that looks so tasty

  • Wow,I never knew they were all gluten free.I was put on a gluten free diet a year ago but it’s been so hard cause most of the things I love to eat have gluten in it.It’s nice to know some of the things I still like to have are now gluten free and ready for me to snack on lol thanks for the info


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