#SheetHappens But It Doesn’t Have To, Never Be #SheetOutOfLuck Again!

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So I was just in the bathroom, and was already done doing my business, when I reach over for some toilet paper. Instead, all I got was a handful of bits and pieces of what used to be there. I looked over and sure enough I saw nothing but an empty roll. So I scanned across the bathroom to the overflow toilet paper holder, zip, zilch, nada, all I saw is silver finish. I quickly scanned the top of the towel rack and behind me on the toilet tank cover, yes I have some weird people living here who like to put toilet paper anywhere but on the roll! Alas, I was all alone, there is no toilet paper to be found.

empty roll 2 angel soft #sheethappens #sheetoutofluck

OMG, how does this ALWAYS happen to me??? Now I am #SheetOutOfLuck. It was bad enough having to text J-bird at midnight to come and open the door for me because I forgot my keys. Thank goodness I brought the phone into the bathroom with me because now I am going to have to text him for some toilet paper! In my house these #SheetHappens moments happen FAR too often. J-bird is still laughing at me, I don’t know what it is he finds so funny about this…okay, fine, I do, but it’s not as funny when it is happening to you.

text message angel soft #sheethappens #sheetoutofluck

You would think I would know better by now, and to scan the bathroom before entering. Obviously my baby girls aren’t the ones using up all the paper and I can’t possibly be using that much either. So naturally I lay blame on the two grown men in our house, neither of which knows how to refill the toilet paper. Poochie our pup isn’t very innocent either. He loves to shred toilet paper to bits and pieces. Everyone seems to enjoy the toilet paper in this house but me.

So how can you prevent the embarrassment of running out of toilet paper? Could you imagine one of your guests calling out to you for toilet paper? I don’t know if I would laugh or apologize first, probably laugh quietly, on the inside. Angel Soft® contains 60% more sheets than Charmin Ultra Strong.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to see the funny Angel Soft® videos of life’s everyday follies of running out of toilet paper, make sure to check them out: http://www.angelsoft.com/toilet-paper-sheets. There are 4 videos in all, be sure to let me know which is your favorite.

My favorite happens to be this one, I can so picture this happening in a few years with the girls!!!

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  • I love it! This is the cleverest post about needing TP ever! Love the screenshot of the SOS. See you at BlogHer!!!

  • The videos are fun and you amiga loca- JU SO FONII!!! And FYI a guest in my house will never find themselves w/out tp; apparently that only happens to moi. ; ) BB2U


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