Preventing A Tragedy With #OneLookBack

Summer has barely begun and already news of another child dying due to being forgotten in a vehicle. How does this continue to happen? The torture a child goes through in a hot vehicle is unbelievable. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, much less an innocent child.

Parents taking their young children to preschool and day care, seemingly forgetting that they are doing so and instead driving straight to work. How could this happen? As I parent I could never image forgetting my child in the car. I would like to believe that this would never happen to me.

It did happen close to home once when Papa’s co-workers nephew died as a result being left in the car. The father, who normally does not take the children to school, had forgotten his son was with him. The child did not survive and the father was beside himself. The result for everyone was tragic. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I had caused the death of my child.


This is why I am proposing a new campaign called #OneLookBack. Realistically, that is all it takes, One Look Back, to make sure that you aren’t forgetting your child! There are so many simple things you can do to help you remember.

Here’s a few I have come up with:

  • Put your cellphone (which you shouldn’t be talking on while driving anyway) in the back seat near your child.
  • Put your purse or briefcase on the backseat.
  • Tie a ribbon around your finger as soon as you place your child in their car seat.
  • Tie a bell to your door handle.
  • Set an alarm in your phone.
  • Install a safety mirror in the back that allows you to see your child when you look in the rear view mirror.

A while back I did a review on a product called ChildMinder Smart Clip. Some agreed, some disagreed. The dissent on using the product came with flack about tampering with a safety part of a child seat, and voiding the car seat warranty. I am not saying this is for everyone. But if we are going to nitpick then, did you know attaching a toy bar to a car seat also voids the warranty? What I do know is this, in other parts of the country the chest clip is not even used. I digress.

The other thing I do know is that when Em came along, my biggest fear was that she might be forgotten in the car, especially if she was with Papa, simply because the parenting thing was really new for him. I gladly took on the review and was genuinely happy with the ChildMinder. I was confident it would help remind Papa that Em was with him. He still gives me flack over why I could ever possibly think that he could forget his child. Look, life happens, things happen, I would rather be safe than sorry.

Especially today that children are being kept rear facing longer. The potential increases dramatically since you can’t necessarily see them in the rear view mirror.

Whatever you can think of to do to remind you, do it. All of these things I mentioned above will take you just one minute to do, but will save you a life time of grief and agony. No parent should ever have to bury their child. No parent should ever have to live with the grief that it was preventable.

There is no reason for one more child to die because they were forgotten in a hot vehicle. Just take #OneLookBack for the safety of your children. This goes for bus operators and anyone else that transports children.

Please share this with your friends, it could save a life. If you have additional ideas, or perhaps you’ve created a system to not forget, share it with us in the comments so everyone can see! Let’s make this go viral. Tweet it out and scream it from the social rooftops: #OneLookBack!

Mama E

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  • I think that issues like this should not still be happening due to al the education you are taught to not leave your children or animals in their car, when will society learn??? Very sad.

  • I guess because I’m not a mom, I cannot understand anyone forgetting their child anywhere. I guess if the child was asleep in the car seat facing backwards, I could see it happening, or if you had more than one child in the car, but still, it just blows my mind that someone would forget that their child was in the car. Thanks for the post,

  • Such smart ideas and tips. It breaks my heart to hear about children dying this way. We must remember our pets need this much attention too! A hot car is dangerous!


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