Our Mama’s Movie Night In With The Other Woman #OtherWomanSwap

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for The Other Woman. All opinions are 100% my own.

I asked my fellow friend and blogger, Teri from Mom to Bed by 8, if she wouldn’t mind hosting a group of friends/bloggers at her hotel room for a night of wine, an exclusive viewing of The Other Woman movie, girl talk, laughs and of course our very own closet swap! She couldn’t resist and said YES!!! Collectively we decided to do an accessories swap since we were all traveling from different places for a conference in NYC. So who was in attendance at this highly sought after invite-only party you ask? Vera of Frugality For Less, Dannelle of Operation40K, Darci of Everything Mommyhood, and last but not least…..Becky of Week99er!!!!the-other-woman-logo


download of the other woman #otherwomanswap

Since just doing the above might not be fun enough, life decided to throw us some curve balls to see if we would be up to the challenge. I should have tested out the connections and tv at the hotel prior to, but I didn’t, and the real fun began. Turns out not all flat screens have HDMI inputs! Fortunately I was able to use my Ultrabook as a Tablet and we started in on watching the movie that way. In the interim, hotel maintenance staff was kind enough to work on replacing the TV in the room with a different one.

becky and erica week99er and mamasmission #otherwomanswap


mirassou wines #otherwomanswap

We also began our accessories swap exchange (idea taken from The Other Woman movie) and popping corks on bottles of wine. Lots of WINE!!! While we took turns passing around the Tablet, others took turns dipping into the swap pile. In true parental nature, some even brought kids items, and I totally laid claim to those! The other girls had fun picking out makeup, necklaces, earrings and nail art.

swap accessories #otherwomanswap

SnobSwap set us up with goodie bags too! Inside was a mani/pedi tool set, disposable pedicure slippers, nail polish, and more! Stella & Dot was kind enough to send a beautiful tote bag and makeup bag. Everyone in attendance received one of these and were sooooo happy and excited, especially for the nail polish and mani/pedi tools!

swap bag goodies2 #otherwomanswap

goodie bag #otherwomanswap

What would you do if you found out your husband was having an affair? I bet you wouldn’t try to get all buddy buddy with the mistress…or would you, in the hopes of gathering information and plotting a bit of revenge!

The Other Woman, which was released on Digital HD on July 15th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, tells the story of three unlikely girlfriends who bond over their mutual relationships with the same man. Leslie Mann, who plays the unsuspecting wife Kate, Cameron Diaz, who plays Carly the first mistress, and Kate Upton, the young “hot” mistress are all taken for a ride by Nikolai Coster-Walday, who plays Mark the cheating low-life husband/boyfriend.

Becoming fast friends, the trio of betrayed women set out to give Mark a taste of his own medicine. With Carly’s knowledgeable background in the legal field, she helps to guide Kate to a pot of gold, Mark’s gold, which he’s been hiding. While on their adventure, the trio become fast friends, laughing and crying along the way in this hilarious comedy about love, lust and friendship.

other woman movie on tv #otherwomanswap

All Kate wants is some answers as to how and why her seemingly loving husband could possibly do such awful things to her and their marriage. In seeking those answers she finds a friend/sister in Carly, and they even share an evening of wine, laughs and having fun in Carly’s totally awesome closet! Here’s a few funny quotes from the movie:

Kate to young mistress “You smell amazing what is that you’re wearing?” – Young Mistress: I think it’s just sweat.

Kate to Carly in response to discovering the affair – “You mean he’s not training for the marathon?”

Ahhhhh, poor sweet and innocent Kate. Be sure to check out The Other Woman to find out if Mark got what he had coming to him!!!

Digital HD movies are great for an on-the-go Mama’s night in, allowing us to have this awesome get together during our travels, as well as being less costly than your average DVD. You can find Digital HD movie downloads at retailers like iTunes. If you want to learn more you can visit http://www.foxdigitalhd.com/about.

Thinking about hosting your own Mama’s or Girls’ Night In? Be sure to download The Other Woman, calls your girlfriends, tell them to raid their closets, grab some wine and have your very own #OtherWomanSwap. I’ve got appetizers, drink recipes and more that you can use for your Mama’s Night In here. Be sure to tweet about it to @FoxHomeEnt, @SnobSwap, @iTunesMovies, @StellaDot, @CameronDiaz, @OtherWomanMovie and @MamasMission, because we would all love to hear about it and see how much fun you are having.

Disclosure: Mama’s Mission received product samples and goodie bags to facilitate this post. All opinions and experiences are my own. Regardless, I will only write about a product or service that I myself do/would use for my family. Photo credits to all the lovely Mama’s that joined us for this fabulous Mama’s Night In. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  • I loved this movie but never thought of having a ladies day while watching it. I would love to get some wine, snacks, and my women together for a party.

  • I have not seen this movie. I will have to check this out. It sounds great. It also sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time. What a fun thing to do. Thank you so much for sharing


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