November Citrus Lane Subscription Box Review – 2.5 Year Old Girl

Disclosure: I purchased annual subscriptions to Citrus Lane for my daughters. The links below contain my referral identification.

The November 2014 box from Citrus Lane has arrived. This box is one of the two I subscribe to for my girls. This one is for Em, and is categorized for a 2.5 year-old girl.

Boxes start at just $22 per month for a long-term subscription and go up to $29 for a monthly one. If you are interested in signing up, click here and enter code NEWBOX15 to get $15 off your 1st box!

So here is the breakdown from Em’s box for November (You can read the review of Preemie’s box here):

Plan Toys Veggies

Veggie Play Set from Plan Toys, ARV $20 (for a complete set including shallot and cutting board)

Made exclusively for Citrus Lane, this Veggie Play Set lets little ones chop and prepare four colorful vegetables. Each vegetable is held together with Velcro so it can be “sliced” in half with a wooden knife. Encourage little imaginations to play kitchen or restaurant while developing fine motor skills.

After doing some research I realized this wasn’t really made exclusively for CL. Plan Toys sells this as a complete package with 5 veggies, knife and a cutting board. Would have been nice to have received the entire set rather than just a few pieces of it. Either way, it was very cute and the first thing Em grabbed to play with. She took her veggies straight to her kitchen, washed them, and then cooked them. She then cut them and served them on a plate to everyone. I love it when toys engage her imagination and creativity. I will be contacting PT to see if we can purchase the missing shallot and cutting board to complete this set.

12 and 24 piece puzzle from barefoot books

12 and 24 Piece Puzzle Set (Over in the Meadow) from Barefoot Books, ARV $14.99

We like that this set contains two puzzles to challenge your child at different stages. based on a popular sing-along story, choose to play with the 12 piece or 24 piece puzzle, depending on the level of difficulty your little one is ready for. We find our kids enjoy puzzles the most as a mommy-and–me activity.

It’s a cute concept and I love that it grows with your child. Puzzles really come down to a hands on approach for parents, which is totally cool, but don’t really give leeway to imaginative play or creativity. But I’m kind of over puzzles already. We’ve received puzzles in our CL boxes before and only recently opened one of them. They end up everywhere and Em’s not a huge fan of them. I’m hopeful that as she gets older she will get more interested, otherwise I will need to start gifting these. Also, not sure that I would pay retail price for a puzzle like this, I feel that’s a bit steep.

Faber Castell Beeswax Crayons

Brilliant Beeswax Crayons in Storage Case from Faber-Castell, ARV $5.49

Once you’ve tried to color with these crayons, you’ll understand why they’re one of our favorites. The beeswax results in ultra smooth coloring, rich and vibrant colors, and the jumbo size and triangular shape is perfect for learning proper grip. The sturdy storage case is perfect for art-on-the-go and keeping crayons tidy.

I am in love with this crayon pack! I always keep the crayons we get when we eat out in the girls diaper bag for entertainment purposes. The crayons are very cool and the storage case is compact enough to not add bulkiness to the bag. Em is very excited about coloring with them. Just will need to remind her that only bathroom crayons are for the walls in the bathroom.

babyganics cold relief chest rub

Cold Relief Chest Rub from Babyganics, ARV $6.99

A baby with a cold needs comfort.  (So do the parents.)  What could feel better than a soothing chest rub?  Natural blend of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender helps soothe and comfort the crank.  Our glide on stick is designed for hands-free application to help ensure cranky-free parents too.

Some months you are given several options to choose from as a heads up to what will be coming in your box. This month the choices weren’t all that great so I grabbed the Cold Relief Chest Rub because we do use a chest rub on the girls when they get a cold. I like that is contains non-allergenic ingredients because the girls skin is still so soft and delicate. I am curious to see how it stands up against Baby Rub from Vick’s.

Also included was an offer for Tiny Print for 25% off + free shipping.

If the Plan Toys Veggie Play Set had contained all the pieces the box value would come to $47.47. All told, the approximate retail value for this box is $37.47, deducting half the price of the Veggie Set as being incomplete. As a one time purchase, this box would have cost $29. Having gotten the box for only $16 at my subscription rate, I still won out on this one and even discovered some new products. And if you want, you can try out your first box for only over half off too! Use code NEWBOX15 and get your first box for $15 off.

Let me tell you a little secret. I did receive additional coupon codes to be used on all the above mentioned products in their respective online stores. That does add some extra value to the box, but we won’t know how much until and if I use those codes.

Did you get a Citrus Lane box this month? What did you get in yours? Share with us!

Disclosure: I purchased annual subscriptions to Citrus Lane for my daughters. I receive two boxes monthly geared for their age groups. The links above contain my referral identification. If you purchase a subscription using the links below I will receive a credit for referring you. I use these credits to purchase additional boxes and/or products to share with you.

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