New iPhones Unveiled – Are They Worth the Upgrade?

iPhone 5s on the left and 5c on the right

After many, many years of being a Blackberry user I recently got the iPhone 5. Why? Just wanted a more functional, okay a more fun, phone. Did you hear about the new iPhone’s coming out on September 20th? Needless to say I only got my phone less than a year ago so this is about the right timing for a new one to appear.

One of the greatest things about the iPhone is their resell value. They truly do keep up a great selling value, unlike all the other phones I have had in my life. I found offers of $340 to $410 for my 64GB iPhone 5. Enough about my old iPhone, lets talk about its successors.

Read on to learn more about the new iPhones.

Is Apple trying to get with the times and make their phone more readily available to the masses? With the iPhone 5c it is doing exactly that. Starting at just $99 (with a 2 year contract) the 5c comes in 5 colors but sits in a plastic case. I feel this is the perfect kind of phone for the kids (I never did understand why someone would give a child a phone worth hundreds of dollars). The 5c isn’t really much of an upgrade, actually its very much like the iPhone 5, with a plastic shell.

How do you make people notice that you have a new phone? Buy one in a gold color! The new iPhone 5s comes featured in a shiny new gold case. Its neatest feature is definitely the fingerprint scan. No more passwords needed to unlock your phone or make app purchases. Security, literally at the tips of your fingers, like no other. I also read that it has a bigger, better and faster processing chip. The camera has been upgraded as well. All the reviews I have read say wait, don’t buy. Hubby (aka Mr. Techy) also agrees that its better to wait for the iPhone 6 next year.

With the release of these new phones also comes the release of the iOs 7 as early as on September 18th.

Bottom Line

Green Light: The iPhone 5c is worthy of purchase for kids or even as a starter.

Red Light: The iPhone 5s, save your money for the iPhone 6. It will be here before you know it.

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