Natural is the Way to Go: 7 Fragrance, Beauty and Home Products

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Natural is the Way to Go: 7 Discount Fragrance, Beauty and Home Products from Fruits & Passion

If you’ve gone green like we have, you will appreciate this awesome line of products. They have a line up that will take care of you, your family and your home, without exception. By using light and fruity fragrances you are sure to light up your life and enhance your home.

A lot of people now look for natural and organic products, not only for personal beauty and well-being, but for the environment’s safety as well. Beauty Encounter, your first choice when shopping for discount fragrance, carries a brand that uses natural ingredients. The brand Fruits & Passion started out in 1992 by a husband and wife team. Their intention was to use natural fruity essences and they made it possible with these 7 products all available at

Fruits & Passion Orange Cantaloup 15ml/0.5oz Lip BalmOrange Cantaloup Eau de Fruits. Sometimes, all you need is a refreshing scent that can energize you from sun up to sun down. The Orange-Cantaloup combination will give you that zest. Not only can you apply this natural discount fragrance on your wrist or neck but on your clothes and hair as well. Don’t worry about staining because this light concentration is safe ($34).

Avocado Nourishing Lip Butter. Avocados have many uses when it comes to beauty, that’s why Fruits & Passion included this fruit in their line of makeup. Give your lips a break from harsh chemicals. This lip butter was created to nourish and treat your lips safely. Enjoy five different shades and flavors that will add gloss to your kissable lips ($12).

Cucina Lime Zest and Cypress Hand Soap. Heavily scented hand soaps are great when it comes to use in the bathroom but not in the kitchen. We know how worrisome it is to wash your hands with your moisturizing, perfumed hand soap and then prepare your food. With the Cucina line of hand soap, you can rest assured that no soap residues will linger on your hands and transfer to your food as you prepare a meal. After rinsing completely, your hands will remain moisturized because of its olive ingredients ($20).

Cucina Coriander and Olive Tree Regenerating Hand Cream. After washing your hands with the Cucina line of hand soap, use Cucina regenerating hand cream after preparing your meal. The Coriander and Olive Tree hand cream has all the nourishing benefits of olive to moisturize and protect the hands, preventing dryness from frequent washing in the kitchen ($24).Fruits & Passion Georgia Peach 8.4 oz Quenching Butter for the Body

Georgia Peach Quenching Butter for the Body. Fruits & Passion never forgets that women love to spoil themselves with the creamy goodness of body butter. Georgia Peach body butter combines the ingredients of shea butter and grapeseed oil which are responsible for soft and hydrated skin. This is easily absorbed by the skin so expect a non-greasy feeling after application ($22).

Cucina Sanguinelli Orange and Fennel Concentrated Dish Detergent. We’re used to patronizing our usual dish detergents found in supermarkets but never considered how it will affect our health when we accidentally intake the chemicals. With the Cucina line of dish detergent, you get a biodegradable product in 28 days. Not only does it have natural cleaning agents (replacing chlorine and petroleum ingredients), it also has a pH balanced formula to prevent your hands from drying ($10).

Cucina Zucchini Flower and Truffle 3.3 oz Deodorizing Kitchen Fragrance MistCucina Zucchini Flower and Truffle Deodorizing Kitchen Fragrance Mist. Fruits & Passion not only makes you sweet-smelling but your kitchen as well. The deodorizing kitchen fragrance mist can improve the air in your kitchen without harming the environment ($20).

Remember to use your Beauty Encounter discount code to get 15% off on these already discounted items. Go natural all the way with Fruits & Passion, brought to you by Beauty Encounter.

Bring home products you can feel safe using and are family and environmentally friendly.

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