Mama’s Moving……

After many years of being cramped in a small space with two adults and three children we are finally moving into a bigger place!!! I am so thoroughly excited and anxious at the same time. The last time I moved was from NYC to Miami in 2006. I packed up my little VW Golf, put J-bird in the back seat, and off we went.

Now that our family has grown, we need more space. The girls have shared our bedroom with us and I am thrilled they will have their own space now. J-bird leaves for college at the end of August, but will still need a room to come home to for the holidays, hopefully he will come home lol.

But now I am worried because I will have tons of wall space and nothing to put on them! So I would really love it and appreciate it if you could go like my comment pretty please for a Facebook contest from one of my favorite bloggers/writers, Scary Mommy! I’ve written about her before here.

The comment is under my name Erica Chao….and I would be forever grateful for your support in liking my comment!

Mama E

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