Mama’s Mission’s Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide Under $10

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Stocking stuffers are meant to be a fun “little” gift for kids to open either before or after they’ve opened all their other gifts. Stuffing the stocking can get out of hand so I’ve put together this guide of cute items under $10 that your kiddos will love. Some adults might even want them too!

This is just a guide so that you may have something to work with and give you some ideas about what to put in your little ones stocking this year. Some of the items on this list were sent to me by the manufacturers for review and consideration, at some point during the year. It was not required to have them included in this guide. This is my guide for my readers. Other items I purchased on my own, with my money, for my personal use.

I’ve compiled this list for you because unlike some companies that create guides for their own product pushes. I have no agenda, except to create some great content and guides, but more importantly to give you some ideas on items that I have used and/or use and have found extremely beneficial for our family as stocking stuffers. I hope that you will find these items just as fun as I have. I hope that your little one, or big one, that receive them as a gift really enjoy them too! The items are numbered in no specific order, and it is done so solely for your convenience. Enjoy.

The Holiday Gift Guide picture below is linked to the Mama’s Mission’s Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide Under $10 pdf so that you may take it with you on your next shopping trip. The links below have been added for your convenience and will help you find these items online from the convenience of your own living room. This is just one of the many guides I have posted this week. Be sure to check out the Holiday Gift Guides New Mamas, The Man, Women, Teens & College Students and Hot Toys For Boys & Girls! If you have any product suggestions you’d like to see included. Be sure to send me an email!!

I humbly present to you…

Mama’s Mission’s

Holiday Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers Under $10

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Mama's Mission's Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide Under $10

1. Spot It Junior Animals – $8.99

I actually just discussed purchasing this game, the Disney version from LivingSocial. With Spot it. Jr. Animals, young ones are on the lookout for creatures of the land, sky, and sea. Each card is decorated with 6 different animals of varying sizes. Here’s the amazing part: there is one, and only one, matching animal between any 2 cards.

2. Scrabble Slam Cards – $5.67

The fast-paced word game where anything can happen. Scrabble Slam is a high-speed four letter word game. Race against each other to change the existing word and get rid of your cards. Game could become fame and fame could become fate, you never know where it will go with scrabble slam. Play this game with your family and friends.

3. Original Silly Putty Pack 6 Pack – $9.49

This is such a classic toy that kids for ages have played with and everyone loves! Recently inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame, Silly Putty has brought its pleasurably odd and multi-formable fun to both old and young for generations. Mold it into a ball and watch it bounce, see how far you can stretch it before it breaks. Press it on some newspaper and watch it pick up the print. If you use your imagination, then the sky’s the limit!

4. Rainbow Mini Scratch Art Notes – $4.46

These are so cool and would be a ton of fun for anyone to play with! For an added splash of color, write your notes on these Scratch Magic Rainbow mini note sheets. Each of the 8 sheets is 3.5″ x 3.5″.” A creative way to leave colorful notes for anyone. Just scratch your note into the black surface to leave a rainbow-colored message. Includes wooden stylus. Great to use at home or the office.

5. Nature Sand Dino Dig Stocking Stuffer – $5.45

This would be such a great stocking stuffer idea!! An ultra-cool prehistoric project. Use the excavating tool and brush to unearth ancient dinosaur fossils from the sandstone. Now the job is to reconstruct the dinosaur. Each canister contains brush, excavating tool, sandstone, bones, platform, and instructions.

6. Jack Frost DVD – $4.75

DVDs make a fantastic stocking stuffer idea and using holiday movies is awesome! Jack Frost is a very touching holiday movie that is family friendly.

7. Crayola Bath Dropz – $6.50

Crayola is a trusted brand that everyone loves and these look like so much fun for little ones! The Crayola Bath product line brings the color, fun, creativity and imagination of the Crayola brand to bath time. Crayola Bath Dropz are fizzing water-color tablets that turn ordinary bath water into colorful, fizzy water. This jar makes up to 45 baths! Mix and match the tints to create all the colors of the rainbow. Color assortment may vary. Kids can create their own are masterpieces on tile or tub walls-everything washes off quickly with water.

8. Northpole Magic Snowball Hallmark Plush Glow Light – $4.25

Toss it around and you get a little glow of the northern lights in your home. Fun for the entire family. Play Toss The Snowball, instead of Hot Potato and have some magical wintry fun. Kids young and old will have a blast with this furry glowing snowball.

9. Noise Reduction Stereo Earbuds – $8.99

If you have a music lover of any age on your gift list, this would be a great stocking stuffer! The noise reduction feature allows you to listen to your music without worrying too much about the sounds going on around you! They are compatible with any device and are great for any age!

10. Palmers Coal Chocolate – $4.95

If you joke around about everyone getting coal in their stocking, this would be a hilarious joke that would be loved by everyone! They would probably all be a little shocked until they realized that it was delicious chocolate! Santa’s chocolate coal in a mesh bag is the perfect stocking stuffer. You get 10 pieces of double crisp chocolate wrapped in a black foil wrapper resembling coal. This is fun to hand out at Christmas parties, give to your employees and add to your Christmas Stockings.

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  • These are all great suggestions! I have a niece that is just the right age for almost all of these and I make her a stocking every year. I haven’t thought of Silly Putty since my son was little. And I love the movie Jack Frost except it makes me cry every time I watch it. Thanks for the heads up!

  • No joke, I thought the silly putty were cherry tomatoes! hahaha

  • Thanks for the list. Those are fun ideas.

  • These are some great ideas and I especially like #7.


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