Mamas Girls Need Your Vote For The pediped 2015 Casting Call!

Like the proud Mama that I am, I have entered the girls into a casting call for the pediped shoe line Class of 2015. The one thing my mama always used to tell me was that if you are going to buy shoes, buy quality. This isn’t a pitch for you to buy shoes though, we need your votes!

Pediped casting call 2015 mamas girls vote

Each of my girls is registered for a different stage of the pediped walking stage category. Preemie is in the Grip n Go (she’s still got teeny feet) and nominated for Best Smile. Em is in the Flex category and nominated for Biggest pediped fan!

You can vote now for both girls, and do so daily through August 31st. If they get the most votes in their categories they will be featured on the pediped website and we’ll also receive a gift card for shoes.

I truly appreciate your vote, and the girls thank you!

Anabelle pediped Emily pediped

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