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My sister and I were born 13 years apart. That is a huge gap when it comes to being “friends” in childhood. It’s actually almost like having a second mother and gives great meaning to the term “older” sister.

Although Em entered into this world with an older brother, I knew their relationship would be different, just as mine was with my sister. This was one of the reasons that I wanted so much to give Em a sibling much closer in age to herself.

Along came Preemie, born 19 months later. The closeness and love they share is unlike any I have ever seen or experienced. They aren’t just sisters, they are best friends. They eat together, sleep together, and enjoy playtime together.

Watching the girls playing together is a real joy for me. They share toys, they fight over toys, and sometimes Em will even show Preemie how a certain toy works. There is a lot more happening than just play. They are bonding and forging a closeness that only they will understand.

em and preemie playtime learning

em and preemie playtime

The Evenflo ExerSaucer ® World Explorer Triple Fun + is a world of adventure and a tool that will grow with your children through playtime. The World Explorer can be used from birth all the way into your children’s toddler years. 3 stages and tons of fun, you will get tons of use out of this one item.

Since the girls are both at an age where they are pulling up and/or standing on their own, we set up our World Explorer in its 3rd stage, an activity table. It is shaped like an S and provides for two  separate but together activity stations. There are a total of 11 toys that are displayed throughout the activity table, providing for hours of fun and learning.

Whether the girls are working together during playtime on one side, or individually on separate sides of the activity table, they are together. Each side hosts an array of learning toys from pushing, to pulling, to pressing buttons and object to produce sounds and noises. There is a globe that spins, an elephant that makes “elephant” (sorry don’t know how to replicate the sound via text) noises, a car that goes vroom, a camera that snaps “pictures”, and much more.

triple fun plus evenflo world explorer exersaucer

world explorer activity table evenflo

evenflo world explorer triple fun plus playtime

There are 20+ activities to keep your little one entertained for hours. There are 11 age-appropriate, removable toys and fun music that help baby achieve 10 developmental milestones such as fine motor skills, object exploration, tactile development and more. Most notably of all the toys is the removable language pod. Your child can listen to the engaging stories featuring 12 pages, 36 different sounds and 4 languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin or French!

Evenflo World Explorer ExerSaucer Triple Fun Plus Playtime

When you purchase a World Explorer, you receive a soft cushioned mat is included for tummy play, a rocking, spinning, and bouncing ExerSaucer, which then converts to an activity table to grow with your child from newborn to 24 months plus!

I found the activity table to be more stable when we placed it on the foam matting on the floor of the girls play room, rather than on the bare floor. A bit of stability went a lot further for Preemie who isn’t yet 100% confident on her own two feet.

To put the World Explorer together you will need a screwdriver, an extra set of hands if you can afford it and a handful of batteries, which are not included. Specifically 3 AA and 7 AAA batteries to get all the toys operational. If you start using the World Explorer in Stage 3 as we did you will notice that the instructions require you to complete the entire Stage 2 assembly, which was a bit annoying. Although I was able to put it together on my own, while Papa entertained and wrangled the girls, some of the pieces could have used a bit of extra weight during assembly.

Now through December 24, 2014, when you purchase your Evenflo ExerSaucer at Babies R’ Us, you can receive 20% off with this coupon!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Evenflo and Latina Bloggers Connect. I was provided with compensation and/or product samples. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. The disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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