Lego Party Game and Activity Ideas Kids Will Love

Are you planning a Lego party? Don’t let creative block keep you from planning an exciting celebration! Legos are such a great learning toy and lend themselves to an awesome party theme! We’re happy that Jennifer Carver, from Spaceships and Laser Beams, is here today sharing 5 Lego party game and activity ideas kids will love. With four Lego-loving kids of her own, we can’t wait to hear Jen’s ideas.

Lego fans love to build, create and let their imaginations soar. A Lego party should allow kids the opportunity to do just that. Set up Lego themed activity and game stations that encourage building, creating and dreaming! Here are a five ideas to get you started.


Idea #1: Lego Blueprint Station.  Let kids engineer the plans for their own Lego designs. They will have fun drafting design after design and coloring their project. Stock this station with graph paper, rulers and colored pencils.  Children can sketch out their own unique designs on paper. If your party guests are younger, have a few paper “blocks” for them to trace.

Idea #2: Creation Station. With their blueprint designs in hand, let guests have the opportunity to create the actual model as seen on their paper.   Fill this station with loads of Legos, building bases and flat surfaces for constructing. You may choose to let kids design from their plans, or let this be a free build area where endless building can occur. Make sure that the size of blocks chosen are appropriate for their age.

Idea #3: Lego Piñata Station.  Use an old shoe box to create a Lego shaped piñata.  Cover it in tissue paper and wrapping paper to complete the look. Fill it with treats and trinkets the party guests will enjoy.  Blindfold guests, and allow each of them to take a whack at the piñata until all the goodies come spilling out.

Idea #4: Pin the Head on the Lego Man.  Create a spin-off from the classic game “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”.  Create a Lego Man head and body from poster board (or Emmett from The Lego Movie) and an overhead transparency.  Blindfold each party guest and let them each take a turning pinning on the Lego head.

Idea #5: Lego Relay Race.  This is a lively game that can be played indoors or outdoors. You will need to begin by dividing your party guests into teams.  Provide each team with a container of an equal number of Legos and a spoon.  Mark off a game playing area.  Each team will race against the other trying to transfer their basket full of Legos from the starting bowl to the ending bowl, which should be a predetermined distance away (make this distance appropriate for the ages of your guests). Whichever team transfers all of their bricks the fastest, wins!

Add some of your own ideas to these 5 and rest assured that your party will be full of Lego party games and activities that any Lego fan is going to love!

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  • My girls live Legos. What great ideas for a Lego party!


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