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The first time I found myself in debt was at the young tender age of 20. On a daily basis standing outside of my college campus were credit card representatives looking for their next young victim. I feel into the throngs of fantasy-land, buy now, pay later.

I kept buying, and buying, until I couldn’t buy anymore. I had maxed out my credit card! With no knight in shining armor, carrying bags of gold, to rescue me, I was officially in debt. Jeez, why did they even give me a credit card when I didn’t have a JOB! Did they know this would happen?

Of course they did, they planned for it. This is how they make their money. Lesson learned, I cut up my card and little by little paid back every penny I owed. From then on I started using cash only, knowing I could only buy what I could afford. This helped me to really think twice before throwing money out the window.

Be sure to check out the Free Ebook called “Guide To Spending Smarter”. If we teach our children early about the responsibility of credit cards, we can hopefully rid them of having to learn it the hard way.

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