Your Kids Are Totally Going To Want To Eat This!

Ever wondered what you can cook for your kids so that they will WANT to eat it without any fuss? Lately our toddler has become a picky eater. She LOVES yogurt, rice, eggs and marshmallows. She’s even discovered “chocolate” bread, really its raisin bread, but I’m not gonna argue that one at all.

What do you do to get your kids to eat? You sneak nutritious food into the food they do eat. You give them vitamins to boost their immune systems. You try every trick in the book you can think of, even polling friends. But mostly, you let them eat what they want because they need to eat something, within reason of course.

The shape, texture and look of the food can make all the difference. For example at one point and time when she liked sweet potatoes, I served them to her in pieces. No go! She refused. Two minutes later they were mashed and she ate the entire bowl. I mean really? Learning the ins and outs of feeding kids seems to require a post-graduate scientific degree.

So my husband sends me a text message with an article from Digg. He loves that site. So there I am reading the title “How to cook the perfect meal for your kid every time”, and I’m thinking “Wow, he’s really doing his research!” I click play to watch the video and I’m getting totally into thinking my kid actually would love this…and then it happens!

Duped, yet again! What foods do you cave into just to get your kids to eat something?


kids eating donut not broccoli

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