She's a South Florida native, 13, and rocking out in the national tour production School of Rock. Meet the superbly talented Isabella Rose Sky.

Interview with Isabella Rose Sky – School of Rock’s South Florida Native

Interview with Isabella Rose Sky

Isabella Rose Sky is a South Florida native and one superbly talented young lady. Not only does she act, sing and dance, she also plays 10 musical instruments – yes, 10! Just like other teens her age, Isabelle also enjoys having fun and can be found playing video games, entering horseback riding competitions, flying around at the local Indoor Sky Diving center, and writing music.

She's a South Florida native, 13, and rocking out in the national tour production School of Rock. Meet the superbly talented Isabella Rose Sky.
Isabella Rose Sky, Age 13, School of Rock – Swing, u/s Katie

Tell me a bit about your theatre experience…

I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with incredible performers, directors, and teachers in South Florida. Before I left for tour, when I wasn’t performing in a musical, I was playing the saxophone with the JECC Jazz Ensemble; I was the Bassist for the North Miami School of Rock; I sang with the Miami Children’s Chorus; I danced at IMI Studio; and I took theater classes at the Broward Center.

How did you get involved in theatre?

I always loved to perform. When I was in kindergarten, I began doing Miami Children’s Theater productions at South Pointe Elementary. That summer I went to a theater camp at the Byron Carlyle and got my 1st lead role. As I got a bit older, I become more serious and started asking my mom to audition for regional and community theater. I still can’t believe she let me audition for the First National Tour of School of Rock and now I get to travel the country and perform with this amazing cast and crew.

What is your favorite stage show?

Other than the School of Rock, my favorite Broadway show is probably Wicked, but I also love Chicago, Book of Mormon, Evita, Avenue Q and so many others.

What is the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

As a “Swing” I understudy 4 roles. The biggest challenge is the idea that I can be called upon to play any one of the 4 roles on a moment’s notice. I always have to be prepared to step into a character, so it is important to keep the parts fresh and separated in my head.  

What is the message the show is trying to get across to the audience?

The show is trying to convey the message that children need to be heard and they need someone to believe in them. 

What advice would you give to young children that are interested in becoming theatre actors?

It doesn’t matter if you start small, as long as you work hard and dream big. Take lots of classes, go see every show you can, and never pass up the opportunity to audition. 

How do you balance school and your work in theatre?

As a child actor, I have two full-time jobs, one being the theater and the other being school work. Luckily I have been doing Florida Virtual School for the last 3 years which has given me lots of flexibility to pursue my passions.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t at the theater?

While traveling with the show, I enjoy experiencing new places and learning new things. We visit museums and local attractions. We try to eat local foods. I make time to take Bass and Flute lessons from our pit Bassist. I also write songs on my Guitalele (a ukulele sized guitar). When I need to relax I crochet or just play video games.

Follow Isabella’s adventures on Instagram! See her on stage in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock at the Arsht Center through April 14th.

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