She's a South Florida native, 13, and rocking out in the national tour production School of Rock. Get to know her in my interview with Arianna Pereira.

Interview with Arianna Pereira – School of Rock’s South Florida Native

Interview with Arianna Pereira

Arianna Pereira is a South Florida native and has been singing since birth, dancing since age 3, started acting at the age of 8. Now at just 13 years old, this teenager is on the fast track to stardom. Just like other teens her age, Isabelle also enjoys having fun and doing school found playing video games, entering horseback riding competitions, flying around at the local Indoor Sky Diving center, and writing music.

She's a South Florida native, 13, and rocking out in the national tour production School of Rock. Get to know her in my interview with Arianna Pereira.
Arianna Pereira, Age 12, School of Rock – Shonelle, u/s Tomika

Tell me a bit about your theatre experience…

My first role was Isadora Plum in a production of Beauty and the Lonely Beast at the University Center for the Performing Arts. I began taking classes at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts (BCPA) and was part of the ensemble in a couple of short original plays and performed as a featured soloist with BCPA’s singing group, the Spotlights. When I was 12, I was cast as Annie in the Florida Children’s Theater (FLCT) production of Annie. Shortly before joining the touring company of School of Rock, I was cast for the role of Little Girl in Ragtime also with FLCT.

How did you get involved in theatre?

My mom was a professional dancer and is currently a dance teacher, I always would sit in the corner of the dance studio and watch her dance. That’s when I told her that I wanted to dance. My mom says that I started singing before I could talk. I would always sing around the house and sing everywhere I went. I really never thought I would start acting until I learned about auditioning. Auditioning then changed my perspective of theatre. I also would go see shows with my mom all the time, so that also really inspired me to get into the industry.  The first musical I saw was Lion King when I was 18 months old.

What is your favorite stage show?

I really love Ragtime. Last year a little bit before I joined the tour I was introduced to this beautiful production and I fell in love with it. It delivers such a beautiful message and it’s just so great!

What is the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

The biggest challenge for me is making sure that I don’t use too much of my personality in my character because Shonelle and I have very similar personalities so it’s really just trying to find the balance of not using too much of my personality but try some unique things to make her different from how I am in real life.

What is the message the show is trying to get across to the audience?

The message is that kids have voices too. Just because they are smaller doesn’t mean that they are not just as bright and intelligent as an adult. This show encourages kids to speak out and show people that they are more than just a kid.

What advice would you give to young children that are interested in becoming theatre actors?

I would say that if you really want to be in the industry you have to work for it. Go to all the auditions you can so that they know who you are and so they will remember you. Whenever you can get yourself in the room there is always a chance of you getting a role.  Even if you don’t get it, you can always try again.

How do you balance school and your work in theatre?

I am currently enrolled in virtual school and luckily we have 3 wonderful tutors who help us with our school work throughout the week. We have to get at least 15 hours of school in a week. So some days we will have school for 5 or 6 hours other days it may just be an hour depending on the show schedule. In addition to scheduled school time, I usually end up doing school in between and after shows to keep up with my curriculum. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but somehow it gets done.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t at the theater?

Well, I love seeing shows because it is always nice to see a different show! I really like hanging out with the people I love. I also love exploring the different cities and I love making crafts and slime!

Follow Arianna’s adventures on Instagram! See her on stage in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock at the Arsht Center through April 14th.

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