Ice Palace Inspired By Disney’s Frozen At Dolphin Mall

Frozen here, Frozen there, Disney Frozen is everywhere! Now debuting at Dolphin Mall is the Disney Frozen Ice Palace.

This weekend my family was invited to visit the Ice Palace featuring Frozen at the Dolphin Mall. I’m not big on big crowds and long lines. When you’ve got two kids under three years old in tow time is not on your side. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and efficiently the line was moving. The staff was very coordinated and kept a good pace to ensure that all the children were inside the experience before any tantrums could erupt, from the parents that is.

Once inside the experience you are transported into a winter wonderland of Frozen inspired scenic sets. They had everything from giant snow-globes to televisions playing Frozen.

The children were squealing with delight as they moved from station to station and scene to scene. Lined with trees and snow all around it felt like scene out of a movie.

Frozen Ice Palace Dolphin Mall Entry

Frozen Ice Palace Dolphin Mall Snow Globe

Frozen Ice Palace Dolphin Mall Height Chart

Em placed herself against backboard to see if she was bigger key smaller than Sven and Olaf. And then there it was! A big stuffed Olaf sitting on a beautiful and magnificently realistic Ice Throne. Em stopped to chat with Olaf for a bit before moving onto the next attraction.

Em with Olaf Frozen

The Ice Palace! Transformed to look like the inside of a castle with mounted televisions playing Frozen all around. In the center of it all was snow falling from the sky! Papa took the girls inside while I took pictures of them playing in the “snow”. All the kids inside were having such a blast. I can imagine that many of them have never seen snow before, Em included.

Frozen Ice Palace Dolphin Mall Snow

Frozen Ice Palace Dolphin Mall Snow On Ground

Frozen Ice Palace Dolphin Mall Playing With Snow

You can spend as little or as much time as you want inside the Ice Palace. We didn’t stay too long because we were excited for what was waiting for us on the other side though. Em had no idea that Santa was there and the smile that came across her face was priceless.

Frozen Ice Palace Dolphin Mall Santa

Dolphin Mall just unveiled their “Frozen Ice Palace experience. The Ice Palace features elements from the number one animated film of all time, Disney Frozen. This much-loved, interactive holiday display features the art of Anna, Elsa and their friends Olaf, Kristoff and Sven, plus a 30 foot Ice Palace with falling snow, a light show and other activities for the whole family. Interactive globes will showcase scenes such as Anna & Elsa ice skating with Olaf, plus Anna, Kristoff & Sven on their quest to find Elsa on the North Mountain. Adults & children alike will enjoy leaving their hand print in ice at The Icy Hand Print experience, seeing how they compare in size to Sven & Olaf and having their photo taken with Olaf at the Ice Throne. End your magical journey at the Ice Palace with a visit to Santa for their pictures and a special Disney Frozen Look-and-Find book for all who visit with Santa!

If you haven’t gotten around to buying those Frozen themed gifts your children have been asking for be sure to stop by the “Frozen” Pop up shop on your way out. They carry everything from Elsa and Anna costumes to Olaf Pillow Pets, and all things FROZEN..

The Frozen Ice Palace is located on the 2nd floor of Rambles 2 and is open Monday – Thursday from noon to 9 PM and Friday – Sunday from noon – 10 PM. Don’t miss the daily Magical Snowfall at 7pm and on weekends with an extra snowfall at 9pm located at the Rambles Plaza.

Dolphin Mall Magical Snowfall

Santa will be in town only until December 24th, so be sure to check out his schedule and photo package pricing here.

For more information and directions, visit the official Dolphin Mall Website.

Dolphin Mall is located at:
11401 NW 12 Street
Miami, FL 33172

Frozen Ice Palace Dolphin Mall Anna and Elsa

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