I Baby My Baby Because She’s My Baby

When J-bird was born I was only 17. I feel that my young age helped in many ways in raising him. I had baby-sat so many kids and even helped raise my niece that I knew kids were pretty resilient.

I didn’t baby him much, in fact he was growing up to soon because I was a single mom. By the time he was seven he knew how to do laundry. I was determined to make sure he would never be dependent on anyone.

Em came along 15 years later. It was like having a baby for the first time. I was actually more nervous and babied her. She’s almost two now and the babying has dropped down A LOT.


Generally by your third child nothing can possibly scare you. From broken bones to bloody noses and more, you’ve likely seen your fair share at this point. There is nothing a fun cartoon character band-aid, kiss from mom and a juice box can’t fix.

Now I’ve got my little ladybug Preemie. She’s almost four months old, corrected age makes her really only six weeks old.

Had Preemie not been a preemie I likely would just brush off a lot of things. But she is a Preemie, so I can’t. I am very much on my tippy toes with her about everything. Life as I know it has come to a pretty sudden halt. Everything from diapering to feeding is different. I am more cautious with everything I do.

All of my children have been spitters. I am an expert at wet burps. Even though I breast feed Preemie, she is still a spitter. Seems I can never catch a break. Yesterday was very different though. Preemie went all Exorcist on me! I am sitting on my bed, mind my business, typing away on the computer. Preemie was sitting at my side in her infant lounger. She’s sleeping and looks mighty comfy. And then it happened.

Her eyes opened wide, her mouth even wider. I swear it seemed as if she was aiming at me. Out came lunch and flew half way across the room. Okay, fine not that far, but it landed at least few feet away from her. Round two happened shortly after. Once I came back to I immediately dialed the pediatrician.

It was after hours so I left a message with the service company. A nurse called and asked me a million questions. I wasn’t very reassured by what she had to say because of course I had already diagnosed Preemie with half of everything I had found on the internet when researching projectile vomiting & infants while I waited for that nurses phone call. Needless to say off to the ER we went.

One ultrasound later to check for blockage, none of which was found thank goodness. She was released with instructions to follow-up with the pediatrician the next day. I don’t regret going as I already don’t sleep much at night, tonight I was going to sleep feeling reassured.

Looking back on it I am sure she was fine, because she really wasn’t in any distress. It was me who wasn’t fine, she’s my baby. Our baby’s don’t stay babies for long. Before you know it they are off to college, like J-bird now. So enjoy your baby’s and baby away.

Do you baby your baby? Is there a cutoff age?

Mama E

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  • I have definitely babied my youngest (who is now 5, cue tears) more than the other two, but not too much more. All of my kids are pretty independent, so even if I wanted to baby them more, they wouldn’t let me! I’m glad your little one was okay.


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