When a hurricane is on its way, it may be too late to run out and get hurricane supplies as stock runs low. Prepare yourself and home with this storm guide.

Hurricane Supplies You Should Have To Prepare For A Storm

Living in Florida we’ve learned you can never prepare too much when a hurricane is coming. It is really the aftermath of the hurricane that you are preparing for, like when the electricity goes out. If you are in an evacuation zone, it is important to know which level; for us, we are in a coastal area and must evacuate immediately, no questions asked. You should always be prepared with the proper Hurricane supplies to keep your family safe. This post contains an affiliate link.

Hurricane Supplies You Should Have To Prepare For A Storm

Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. There is no exact science for where and when a hurricane will hit, but you will have enough warning to evacuate if necessary. Staying in your home is not always the safest option, even with shutters or hurricane resistant windows. Always seek shelter to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The best investment on your hurricane supplies list would be a generator. You can usually purchase them for less shortly after a hurricane season.

Here is a list of hurricane supplies you should keep on hand in your home during the hurricane season.

Recommended Hurricane Supplies

Bottled water for drinking
Bottled water for washing
Canned food and non perishable items
Evaporated or dry milk
Extra formula/baby food
Manual can opener
Battery operated radio
External battery power bank (we personally use this one)
Extra blankets for colder weather
Extra water for hotter weather

A few days before the expected arrival of a Hurricane take these steps to prepare for the after effects:

– Fill up gas tanks in all vehicles
– Refill any prescriptions that are ready to be filled
– Make sure to have some cash available on hand
– Purchase a small propane (and extra tanks) or charcoal grill – only to be used outdoors
– Duct tape your windows to help keep a cracked window in place and from shattering should it break
– Fill up the bathtubs to be used for flushing toilets and bathing
– Check that your shutters are working or that all the pieces are intact (this ideally should be done prior to the start of hurricane season)

During even the best of storms, it is best to stay clear of any windows that are near trees. The key to being ready is making sure you have the necessities you need should the electricity go out, stores close or it is simply not safe to venture out. The list of hurricane supplies should help get you through the aftermath.

Always heed the warnings from your local news stations and stay indoors. If you live in an evacuation zone, its best to evacuate if you are told to do so. Riding out storms can turn deadly because sometimes Fire Rescue simply cannot get to you. Know where your local shelter is and create a reunification plan for your family in the event you become separated.

Do not try to go outside until you’ve heard on the radio that it safe to do so. The calm and quiet could just be the eye of the storm passing over you. Which means the back-end of the hurricane has not yet come through.

Stay safe, well fed and warm. You can monitor all tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes via the National Hurricane Center.

What are your tips and suggestions for hurricane supplies or preparedness? Amazon has a great amount of necessary hurricane supplies and many qualify for Free Prime Shipping.

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  • Excellent tips. I’ll add one thing for those that have babies and toddlers: In addition to prepping your home, go ahead and fill you gas tank and stock you *car* with basic survival baby supplies. This will help you leave in a hurry if you have to. I hope everyone heeds the warnings as they come in!


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