How To Organize Your Playroom and Keep It Organized

The girls have so much stuff that we are constantly rotating their toys with the overflow from the garage storage. Their playroom takes up half of our living room and overflows into other areas of the house at times. While I try to keep things organized I am far from an expert. But there are a few things that we have tried and made work for us. The most important thing is to do these steps every three to six months so that you can stay ahead of the game.

Clear the Clutter

If you need to organize your playroom, you’ll need to start by clearing the clutter. Go through all of your kids’ toys and decide what you want to keep and get rid of. Start making piles of toys that have multiple items or that are a part of a set. If something is missing, you might want to add it to the throw away pile so that your playroom isn’t cluttered up with unusable toys.

Put It Away

Once you’ve gone through all the toys in the playroom, you’ll want to put away the toys that you’re going to keep. Make sure each toy has a specific place that it belongs. You can group like toys together in baskets or totes to help keep things organized. If something doesn’t have a place, consider getting rid of it or packing it away.

Organized Playroom for children

Zip It Up

If you have sets of toys that have multiple items, try keeping them organized by storing them in Ziploc bags. This is a cheap way to keep all of those little toys together so that you’re not searching for a set when your children want to play. Ziploc bags also make it easy for your kids to grab the set and take it to another room to build and play with.

Label It

If you want to keep your playroom organized, start labeling! You’ve already found a place for everything, but do your kids know where these toys belong? By labeling the baskets, totes and bags full of toys, your kids will have a visual reminder for where the toys belong. This makes it easier for your kids to pick up after themselves, putting the toys back in the proper place.

Set Some Rules

Don’t forget to set some playroom rules to help keep it organized! A rule you might want to include has to do with the one-toy rule. Let your kids know that they can play with one toy or toy set at a time. Before they can get another toy, they have to put the previous toy away first. Another good rule to follow has to do with picking up before bedtime. Even if your kids try to put back toys after playing with them, some toys always get left out or put in the wrong spot. Before going to bed, have your kids scope out the playroom, checking to see if all the toys are picked up and put in the right spot.

Organizing your playroom and keeping it organized can be difficult, but with a little work and some rules in place, it can happen! How do you organize your playroom and keep it organized?

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