Happy New Year Mama's Mission 2016

Happy New Year 2016 From Mama’s Mission!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year for 2016 from my family to yours!

Here’s to good health, lots of wealth and pure happiness to come in 2016.

Happy New Year!!!

No matter what happened in 2015, this is your chance to begin anew. We all go through trials and tribulations throughout the year, and what doesn’t break us, makes us stronger. Forgive those who have hurt you, love those who love you and most importantly, be true to yourself! You are your own superhero and master of your destiny.

Whether you’ll be making resolutions or not, always strive to reach beyond the clouds. You will be surprised just how far you can get when you believe in yourself.

It’s not about keeping up with the Jones, it’s all about making your own path, setting your own rules and living YOUR life to the fullest potential. If there is one thing I learned this year it was that we all need time for ourselves. As a mama of 3, wife, friend and so many other “titles” that I carry, if I am not at my top peak both mentally and physically, I am unable to care and provide for others. I am slowly learning to say no, not overextending myself and trying to simply slow down. You must come first in your life, if you don’t put yourself in that place, no one else can do it for you.

Consider these resolutions which invite you to take a moment or two for yourself – sometimes it’s okay to be a bit selfish.

  1. Take a walk everyday – alone, or with family – but leave the electronic distractions behind
  2. Treat yourself to something you really want at least once a month
  3. Read – find a good book and get lost in it!
  4. Travel…even if it’s just a short road trip. Visit at least one new place each year.
  5. Be true to yourself

Happy New Year MamasMission 2015

Mama E

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  • Happy New Year to you and yours. May you have a happy and healthy New Year.

    • Mama E

      Thank you Sally! Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

  • Thank You. Happy New Year too!


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