Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Emily!

Three years ago today you entered my world and changed my life. I had longed for a baby girl for so long and I couldn’t wait to meet you. Your name, comes partly from your grandmother, who you sadly never got to meet but will KNOW. I had always liked the name Emma, but your grandmother – and father, weren’t too fond of it – yes, I was picking names for you long before you arrived. Liliya was your grandmothers name, people called her Lily, her soul just as beautiful as the flower. Since your father was adamant that you would not have a middle name – like me and him – he agreed to allow me to take these two names and make them one, Emily.

The reason for this also stems from you now carrying our initials, as well as being born on the 9th – like us, although in different months. This too had been carefully planned as your due date was the 8th, but I was adamant that you were going to make your arrival on the 9th – much to your brother’s dismay, more on that later.

It seems like just yesterday you were turning only a year old. So much has happened in that time, including becoming a big sister. And you are such an AMAZING big sister!

It’s been three beautiful years and a whirlwind of adventures. Annual birthday trips to Walt Disney World, more toys than you will ever need, a closet full of beautiful dresses and skirts for you to choose from, and best of all beautiful smiles that emit from your beautiful face. You’ve got the sass of a Prima-Madonna and the beautiful spirit of your grandmother. You are a force to be reckoned with.

I am blessed to have you call me your best friend, your mama and most of all, your protector. I wish you all the love in the world so that your heart can grow and grow. You are my Princess today, tomorrow and forever. As you grow each day, you teach me so much. I am a better person because of you!

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Emily!

Emily 3rd Birthday

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  • What a beautiful letter to your little princess!! I love it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Emily 🙂


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