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Back in May I attended what is known as a Food Bloggers Paradise….aka BlogHer Food. It was held in Miami, and although I am not a food blogger, I do love to eat just as much as the next overworked and unpaid Mama out there, when we can. A bloggers conference, plus lots of food….I had to be there!


I met with lots of executives and representatives of awesome brands and got to tell them all how they fit into my family’s lives.

I’ve recently been working with Wendy Hirschhorn of Wendy’s Bloggers. She works directly with the nation’s top companies and gives bloggers an opportunity to work with them too! Wendy also writes for The Griffin Report of Food Marketing, and from time to time taps us for information related to an upcoming article she is writing. One such article which was just published, A Tale of Two Bloggers: It Was The Best Of Times At BlogHer Food.

Some of my favorite brands were there, Stonyfield and Baileys. I learned about new brands too, like Applegate which carries a line of healthy meat options, including a new to the shelves lunch box meal called Half-Time filled with all natural products for kids. Cascade Ice makes non-caffeinated, carbonated beverages, perfect for pregnant Mama’s and their families that are looking to make the switch from soda. They even have an organic line.

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Did you know that Baileys now makes coffee creamers? They have a range of delicious flavors sure to add some much-needed “perk me up” (non-alcoholic) to your ordinary morning coffee. Pair your coffee with some Brownie Brittle and you are all set to tackle your day.

And my dear friends at Stonyfield. Oh how I love thee. Stonyfield has been a household staple as far back as I can remember. I have fond memories of feeding my niece, now 26, Stonyfield baby yogurt for breakfast and/or snack when she was just a wee little one in diapers. Now I am feeding Stonyfield yogurt to my little girls too.

Be sure to check out the article to see what Allie from Baking A Moment and I learned at BlogHer Food and from all the awesome food companies, speakers and more.

Griffin Report - A Tale of Two Bloggers at BlogHer Food

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  • Love your photos and what a great opportunity. Personally I love all things Baileys!


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