Dear Grandma & Grandpa: Practical Toys Advice From The Grandchildren

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Let me start this letter by telling you what an awesome grandma and grandpa you are. You are kind, loving, sweet and us grandchildren couldn’t have picked better people to be their grandparents. We love and appreciate all that you are and all that you do.

Remember when my Mama was just a child? Remember those many visits to the toys section and those many “no’s” when she asked to buy everything she could get her hands on? She’s told me that story a few times as she tells me no when we are at the store. And now as an adult she truly appreciates that you didn’t spoil her completely. Why? Because then she wouldn’t have an appreciation for the things she does have, nor be able to teach me that same appreciation. Although I don’t fully understand yet, she tells me I will one day when I have my own children.

Mama says now that she has her own children she understands the many no’s you had to deliver with a broken heart. Just as she does with my siblings and I when we ask for EVERYTHING we see at the store. When she walks in the door after doing some shopping I am constantly greeting her with a “is that a surprise for me?” Turning strawberries and bananas into surprises isn’t easy, but I’m still young and cool with it for now. It won’t be too much longer before that acceptance and happiness becomes sadness once I realize strawberries was NOT what I was hoping for as a surprise.

Just as you did, she wants to teach us appreciation for that which we already have. And believe me when I tell you that we have EVERYTHING. As our Mama she says its her responsibility to provide for our NEEDS and WANTS. Did you know there is a real difference between our needs and wants? At least that’s what Mama tells us. Mostly what we ask for falls under the wants category. So for this upcoming holiday I have one big favor to ask of you dear grandparents.

I wanted to remind you that our needs are fortunately covered 100% by our loving Mama, as is most of our wants. The things we really need, but do not yet know we want, are things that will help with our education, both now and in the future. If you MUST bring us gifts for the holidays, we would prefer you contribute to our 529K College Plans or buy a bond in our names. If you MUST bring toys, they do NOT have to be the biggest, loudest, most annoying thing you can find in the toys department. Those have NO educational value.

This is in fact most important for my little sister, Preemie. She has special needs that plain ordinary toys cannot address. They simple provide nothing more than entertainment and she gets plenty of that from me, her bigger sister.

The time spent with us grandchildren is far more important than anything else or just any toys. Teach us how to cook your favorite recipe. Or even how to play a musical instrument you love. How about teaching us a trade, like working with wood to build a bird house. Show us the love you have for something you love, believe me, we will love it.

Follow Mama’s Mission’s board Educational Toys – Holiday Wish List on Pinterest.

For your benefit, our mental health and Mamas sanity, I have compiled, with Mamas help, a Top 10 Pinterest board of toys that my sister and I could have a ton of fun with and learn with at the same time. Each of the “toys” is age appropriate for our needs and growing brains. If you feel completely compelled to purchase a toy for us this holiday, we kindly request that you do so from the Educational Toys Holiday Wish List Pinterest Board.

I can proudly tell you that you have raised Mama well and she is doing the same for us. I’ve heard being a grandparent is all about spoiling the grandchildren, but there are beneficial ways to doing it besides with just toys. Gift giving is not so much about the gift, but the true value of the gift. Help us with learning and growing. You may be surprised by just how much you might learn from us as Mama does everyday.


Your Loving Grandchildren


Mama E

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  • I love this. Thank you so much for sharing the Pinterest Board; some great ideas.

  • Bueno… BB’s not so much spoiling w/toys, but there’s a reason they call me “Lela Lollipop” . ; ) BB2U


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