Non-Candy Valentines For Kids To Make

Fun Non-Candy Valentines For Kids To Make

The girls love to eat candy – what kid doesn’t. They are still sifting through the goodies they picked up over the last several holidays, and that’s more than enough to last them through the rest of this year. If you are looking for an alternative way to celebrate the upcoming holiday sans sugar-filled snacks, then these non-candy Valentines for kids to make is just what you need! Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a candy holiday. Ditch the candy and break out the craft supplies! I’ve got four non-candy valentines ideas that are perfect for kids to make.

Non-Candy Valentines For Kids To Make

Non-Candy Valentines For Kids To Make

Paper Heart Noise Makers
You’ll see a lot of tutorials for filled hearts that want you to fill them with candy – but I say skip all that! Make heart noise makers instead. Have your children paint or color on pieces of paper. Cut out two hearts that are the same shape and size, out of the paper they decorated. Hold the two hearts together and using a hole punch, punch holes about 1/2 an inch apart around the edges. When done, you should have a heart shape made from the holes. Using a plastic yarn needle, thread it with yarn, and have your kids sew the hearts together 2/3’s of the way around. Fill the heart with 1 – 1 1/2 tablespoons of dried beans. Have your child finish sewing the heart closed. Knot the yarn tight so it doesn’t slip back through the holes. Now you have a filled heart valentine that your kids can give out and the class can make music together!

Love Bugs & Love Monsters
Let your kids imaginations run wild with this craft! Help them trace and cut out hearts, eyes, and other shapes your children want to use for their bugs and monsters. Some glue sticks, construction paper, and kid-fueled imagination will create some of the cutest love filled valentines you’ve ever seen! If you have any foam stickers let them have at that too.

Love Rocks
All you need to make these are rocks with smooth surfaces (almost like the kind you would use to skip in water), heart stickers, and cheap nail polish. Wash any dirt off the rocks and let them dry. Once dry, put a heart sticker on each one. Have your children paint the rocks with different shades of pink and red nail polish. Let the nail polish dry completely. Once it’s dry, carefully remove the stickers. Where the sticker was, will be the smooth bare surface of the rock. Pair these with little cards that say ‘You rock Valentine!’ and you’re all set!

Melted Bead Hearts
This is a valentine idea that definitely needs parents help, as it requires use of the oven and a drill. Which makes this craft perfect for some one on one time with your child. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Place metal heart-shaped cookie cutters on the sheet. Using (affiliate link) pony beads, let your child sort through the beads and place the colors they would like to use inside the cookie cutters. Following the oven temp. and time suggested on the pony bead package, let the beads melt into shape. When finished, remove from the oven and let them cool. The metal cookie cutter should come away from the beads with little resistance. Once cool, drill a small hole in the top of the heart. Have your child thread yarn through the hole and tie it into a loop – now you have handmade heart ornaments for valentines.

Which of these non-candy valentines for kids to make will your child want to do first? Candy doesn’t need to be the center of Valentine’s Day. These non-candy Valentines for kids to make are easy and fun. Skip on getting candy for your child to give out, and get creative! Kids love art and craft projects, so they’ll have a blast making any of these gifts for their friends. Be sure to also check out these fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids and these DIY crafts.


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  • Great ideas! I am so glad to see something for a holiday that isn’t candy related! Let them get creative with crafts is what I say!

  • These are some great ideas. My grandchildren would love this. Thank you for sharing

  • Great ideas thanks for sharing.

  • I love the paper heart noise makers!!! Such a cute idea, actually they all are but this one stands out.


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