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Calling all Muppet Fans……


Did you know that MUPPETS MOST WANTED opens in theaters everywhere on March 21st? I am so excited. I’m lucky enough to be getting to see a preview of the film before it is released so stay tuned for my review.

In the meantime you can check out these awesome Muppets Most Wanted activity sheets including how to send invisible notes, how to draw The Muppets, sending a postcard from Kermit and a really cool door hanger all on behalf of Disney’s MUPPETS MOST WANTED, opening in theatres next month!

There are 8 activity sheets in all. Be sure to print them for all the kids to enjoy. The big kids (mom and dad) can have fun too. Click on the picture for a bigger image you can download as a PDF to print out.

muppetsmostwanted530bfc15c487amuppetsmostwanted530bfc3b2db1a  muppetsmostwanted530bfc29e6a22 muppetsmostwanted530bfc619cff4 muppetsmostwanted530bfc732d5d6 muppetsmostwanted530bfc50272bd muppetsmostwanted530bfc98654c5 muppetsmostwanted530bfca800ea8  Tweet these to your friends using the #MuppetsMostWanted hashtag!

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