“Feast” Your Eyes On This Academy Award Nominated Short by Director Patrick Osborne

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Disney and the Walt Disney Animation Studios. I received an all-expense paid trip from Disney so that I could gather and share this information. However, all experiences and opinions are always 100% my own as this post is written by me in its entirety.

If you’ve seen Big Hero 6, you will likely recall that really cute short film that came on just before the movie started aptly titled FEAST. OMG, wasn’t it just simply adorable? Feast is a six-minute short film made by the creative genius Patrick Osborne. Osborne was given the title of Director for this film and took it from conception to completion. Osborne first came on to work with Walt Disney Animated Studios for the film Bolt as an animator in 2008. He was also head of animation for “Paperman”, which won an Oscar, so it was only a matter of time before he would create his very own Academy Award nominated short!


FEAST logo


Working for Disney has many perks, including the studio’s Spark program. Spark allows animators to enjoy a paid month-long creativity “vacation”. During this time, artists are allowed to work exclusively on developing and exploring their own unique ideas, which they present to the Studio team at the end of the “vacation”. Originally named “Pet”, his project was a hit among his fellow Disney artists and instantly green-lighted for production.

Photo Courtesy of Disney

Remember when I mentioned in the exclusive interview with the directors of Big Hero 6 that I will never take another Disney animated film for granted. Yeah, well, I had done that with Feast naturally until Osborne enlightened me with some amazing facts. Feast took a rotating team of 60 people to complete this project over a 51 week period. 51 WEEKS! For a 6 minute short film??? How could this be? Osborne was gracious enough to take us from the original storyboards to the final product, explaining all the minute details that went into this project. Things you wouldn’t normally give a second thought to, like adding dust particles to scenes to give the audience depth perception. From animators, to effects team, and even the finance people, there was a time, place and part for the many people who came together to make this short film production.

Check out this clip on the behind the scenes making of Feast:

Acting like a dog wasn’t above Osborne. He lent himself to the project in many different ways, including get on all fours to act like a dog as well as filming his own dogs behavior and actions. This allowed the teams to get an accurate assessment of a dogs movements, how he walks, wags his tail and how he behaves when he wants to go out and play. There were many revisions from the inital storyboards, especially Winston. Each piece of the story takes a lot of work, including the creation of wardrobes, food, background design and even the smallest details like the dust particles I mentioned before.

winston adult vs puppy
Winston Adult vs Puppy Photo Courtesy of Patrick Osborne
Patrick Osborne Feast
Patrick Osborne explains all the wardrobe changes that Winston’s owner goes through in the animated short film Feast which he directed.

What is Feast? Feast takes you on a journey of one little pups eating habits from the time he is adopted by a young single guy, through the ups and downs of dating, marriage and welcoming a new baby. It’s so cute you will want to hit the repeat button several times. Here’s a mini clip from Feast for you to enjoy:

Meet Patrick Osborne! Osborne was originally working as co-head animator on Big Hero 6 until he was named Director for Feast. A first for Osborne, Feast is a nominee for an Academy Award in Animated Short Films. I can’t imagine anyone but Winston taking home that Oscar. I mean look at him, he’s adorable!

Big Hero 6 Feast Short Bonus Content
Director Patrick Osborne, Photo Courtesy of Disney

Prior to joining Disney, the Cincinnati, Ohio, native was lead character animator on “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” He also worked as an animator on “I Am Legend,” “Surf’s Up” and “Open Season.”


Osborne, who earned a BFA with a focus in computer animation from Ringling College of Art and Design, got his start as a kid making movies with his brothers on their parents’ camcorder. His fascination with visual effects was elevated to a career goal when his dad gave him a book about the making of “Jurassic Park.”


Recently married to wife Allison, Osborne has been a dachshund owner for most of his life, including previous pets Stretch, Indianapolis and Audi. He is currently without a four-legged friend—but may soon update his dog-owning status.

You can find FEAST as a bonus content feature on the BIG HERO 6 Blu-ray DVD available on Tuesday, February 24th. Want to see it now? It’s available with your purchase of BIG HERO 6 on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere.

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feast poster
Feast Poster, Photo Courtesy of Disney

All photos courtesy of Mama’s Mission, Patrick Osborne and Disney.

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