Easy Peasy 5 Step Cheesy Quesadilla Recipe

Here’s a fun and easy quick snack you can make for yourself and your kiddos at any time of the day.

Easy Peasy Cheesy Quesadilla takes just 10 minutes to make and is a fun snack kids of all ages will love. This recipe will yield four (4) servings. Need more? Simply double the tortillas and cheese, that’s all!

8 small corn tortillas
1/2 block of cheese to shred (or pre-shredded cheese)
Non stick spray
1 large frying pan (optional second small frying pan)
1 pizza cutter

Step 1 – Place your frying pan on the stove at a medium heat. Spray with non stick spray.

Step 2 – Add two pieces of corn tortillas letting it brown just slightly

Step 3 – Spray the uncooked top side of tortilla.

Not a step but can and does happen – Catch toddler nibbling on block of cheese

Cheese for Quesadilla

Step 4 – Flip over one tortilla using a spatula and add cheese to the browned side of it. Cover with the other tortilla (flip it and place the browned side onto the cheese.

As a side note, I use a second smaller frying pan to cook the put together Quesadilla in so that I can continue to prepare and brown the remaining tortillas. This is not necessary but can help speed up the time you are spending cooking.

Step 5 – Cook until slightly brown and flip. Continue cooking until second side is crisp and browned.

Your easy peasy cheesy Quesadilla is ready to be plated. Using a pizza cutter, slice the Quesadilla in half, quarters or even in six pieces for smaller hands. Kids love the bite size triangular-shaped pieces. It’s a great opportunity to teach shapes to small children.

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You can also add cooked beans, veggies or even chicken and turn it from a snack to lunch! Garnishing is easy, just add a side of sour cream or guacamole for added flavor. Enjoy your Quesadilla!

For more quick snacking ideas, check out my recipe on how to make fresh guacamole in your own kitchen in under 10 minutes.

Easy Peasy Cheesy Quesadilla

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  • Wow this is so easy. I have a recipe linky on Fridays. I hope you come down sometime and share your great recipes with us. Have a great day.


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