Easy Art Projects to Do on a Rainy Day with Children

Kids can get a little antsy on rainy days. Parents can start to lose their sanity quicker than usual on rainy days. Being stuck inside can be hard for them – and you – since they can’t run around and play outside. Although your kids won’t be able to kick a ball around or ride theirs bicycles, they can still have fun. These easy art projects are perfect for keeping your kids busy and happy on a rainy day.

Melted Crayon Canvas

Heat up your rainy day by making a melted crayon canvas. This art project is both easy and fun to do. Start by letting your child pick out the crayon colors they want to use. You will then hot glue the crayons to the top of the canvas. After all the crayons are in place, give your child a hair dryer and let them start heating up the crayons. The crayons will start to melt and drip down the canvas, creating an easy and fun piece of art!

melted colors from a crayon running down paper

Sun Catcher

Although today might be rainy, you can expect sunny days in the future. If you’re stuck inside due to a rainy day, get ready to make a beautiful sun catcher. To do this, you’ll need wax paper, colorful tissue paper, and an adhesive such as liquid starch or Mod-Podge. Your child can then use the selected adhesive to glue down pieces of tissue paper on the wax paper. After it dries, you’ll have a sun catcher ready to shine on the next sunny day.

Painted Pet Rock

Another great rainy day art project is to make a painted pet rock. This is an easy project since you simply need a small rock, paint, and a paintbrush! After finding a rock, your child will simply need to decide what they’d like to paint on their rock. Ladybugs and bees are both easy pet rocks to paint. Once your child knows what they want to make, help them add all the features to the rock. After it dries, your child will have fun carrying their new pet around the house.

Bean Art

Bean art is a classic favorite for all art lovers! It will be easy for your child to glue down beans on a paper plate, making different shapes and patterns. To make this art project even more fun, try painting the beans. You can paint them before gluing them, allowing them to dry before your child uses them. Your child can also paint them after, designing a colorful picture on top of the beans. If you plan to paint the beans, it may be best to use Lima beans. You can also use all kinds of beans to achieve the color pattern you want. Alternatively you can use macaroni for this kind of craft!

beans, lima, pinto, grains, pigeon pea, kidney

It can be boring to be stuck inside on a rainy day, but these easy art projects make any rainy day a fun day. From toddlers to school kids, skip the television and video games and get creative! What are your favorite art projects to do on a rainy day?

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  • These are all great suggestions. My grandchildren get bored easily. These ideas will definitely help. Thank you for sharing


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