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I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers for Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I received Dr. Fischer products to facilitate my review.

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I tend to be cautious with the products we use in our home as all of my children have sensitive skin. For example, J uses a pure antibacterial soap, per our pediatrician’s recommendation, to combat all the sweating from his sports activities. We use a natural head-to-toe wash for Em, and now for our Preemie, too. As many of you may know, pure and natural products can get pretty pricey so I am always open to trying new brands.

When I was offered to review some Dr. Fischer products, I set out to do my research. Fischer Pharmaceuticals was created by an actual doctor and the products are made in Israel. Normally I would shy away from personal hygiene products that are made in other countries; however, Israel is NOT on my no-use list. In fact, I was ecstatic to try these because they were made in Israel.

086I received a limited-edition Dr. Fischer Mommy Bag along with a selection of baby and adult health & beauty products. The product selection included Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE for Baby, Kamil Blue Soapless Soap for Baby, Sensitive Baby Wipes, EMOL Baby Bath Oil and EYE-CARE for Adults.

Fischer Pharmaceuticals  is one of the most beloved brands in Israel and, luckily for us, is making its début in the U.S. Dr. Fischer baby products are dermatologist-recommended and the products are not only for babies. Anyone can use them, including adults, especially those suffering from sensitive skin, like my J-bird. 169170

Dr. Fischer’s Adult Purified Cleansing Wipes (EYE-CARE for adults) worked hand in hand with my late night blogging. After a while my eyes begin to tear up from the glare of the screen and the never-ending yawning. Rubbing or touching my eyes is not ideal considering my hands are all over the keyboard (and all those midnight snack crumbs.) The individually-wrapped wipes are perfect for the job. According to Dr. Fischer, “The EYE CARE Wipes are ideal for cleansing the eyelids and lashes of ocular secretions, crusted matter, scales and make-up in one easy action in the most hygienic and the healthiest way.”


The Dr. Fischer Baby Wipes came in really handy recently when Em had a not-so-happy belly resulting in a not-so-happy tush. She rarely gets a diaper rash, but when she does, it’s pretty bad. It instantly turns her skin red within mere minutes. Changing her diaper and trying to wipe her down becomes a combat. I grabbed the Dr. Fischer wipes, which are specially made for sensitive skin and prepared for battle. Not only did Em not cry out but she also didn’t try to squirm away. They are the softest, thickest wipes I have encountered so far, and we’ve tried them all. Did you ever notice how the design patterns on most wipes actually make them feel rough because of all the grooves in the material? Not with Dr. Fischer’s baby wipes, these are made with its sole purpose: to clean properly and softly.

When Em and Preemie’s eyes get the morning crusties, I would normally use a wet cloth to clean the eye area. It’s not ideal because of dust and dirt that can get trapped in the cloth, even prior to its use. The individually-wrapped baby eye wipes ensure that I am using a clean and sterile wipe each time. It is even recommended on the packaging that one wipe should be used per eye, which makes sense because you wouldn’t want to cross contaminate an unknown case of pink eye. We don’t realize how important eye care is. I definitely don’t want to go sticking my fingers anywhere near my eyes or my children’s eyes. The individually-packaged baby eye wipes help me overcome my fear of actually introducing an infection, yet enable me to keep the girls clean and fresh.

I used the EMOL baby bath oil in Em’s bath this evening. She had a scrape on her elbow, so I wanted to moisturize her skin to help speed along the healing and avoid having her pick at the scab while it heals. I use bath oils all the time to leave my skin feeling soft and being able to do so for Em is wonderful. I would never use adult products on Em, not even if they were natural. Knowing that this is specifically designed for use in children makes me feel extremely comfortable. It is enriched with herbal and mineral oils, soothing Chamomile and Azulene and is hypoallergenic. It is super easy to add to your baby’s bath simply by using the convenient pump dispenser. A few quick squirts, swirl to mix with the bath water and voilà, the perfect bathing water for your child. It also provides free radical protection with Vitamins A & E.


Em loves to taste everything, including soap, YUK! She’s exploring the world one lick at a time. How do I explain soapless soap? It’s nearly impossible to do so. I recently came across soapless soap when I was on bed rest at the hospital, so I can assure you that in the medical profession, it does exist. The Kamil Blue Soapless Soap is a beautiful shimmery thick formula in a blue color that smells sweet and soft. It lathered nicely and as I applied it to Em’s arm, she immediately brought her mouth to it. Using the soapless soap alleviated my worries, and it rinsed off without effort.

All of the Dr. Fischer products are recommended by pediatricians, ophthalmologists and dermatologists.

The best part about having baby safe products in the home is that everyone can use them, including teenagers and adults too. They become a one-size-fits-all types of product because if they’re safe for use on a baby, then they’re perfect for everyone else. Dryness can occur as a result of birth itself or sometimes as a result of climatic conditions, air-conditioning and home-heating devices. If you have ever purchased a generic (st0re) brand of similar products, it is highly likely you’ve been using Dr. Fischer products all along. For many years Dr. Fischer has made private-label products for Rite Aid and CVS.

When I was selected for this review, I reached out to a few friends who I believed may have used Dr. Fischer products.

Biata told me that she currently uses the Dr. Fischer Comb & Care Detangler for her daughter’s hair and is happy with the “…ease of which she is able to brush her daughter’s hair.” She also uses the Dr. Fischer Sunblock and Baby Lotion. She visits Israel from time to time and purchases the products during her trips.

Johanna perked up when I mentioned Dr. Fischer. She never leaves Israel without several of its products in her suitcase. She had “no idea they were available here in the States.” She just left to Israel to get married in the Holy Land and told me that she will be using Dr. Fischer products on the day of her wedding to “make her look and feel her best.”

“I love his moisturizing lotion,” said Michele. Her mother-in-law would bring Dr. Fischer items whenever she came to visit from Israel as gifts to dr fischerMichele.

One of the nice things about the Dr. Fischer line of products is that Dr. Eli Fischer, the company founder and man behind the brand, is still heavily involved the creation and making of the products. Even his daughters have taken active roles in the company. To learn more about Dr. Fischer, click here.

Disclosure: I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers for Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and received Dr. Fischer products to facilitate my review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are honest, true and 100% my own. I will never allow any outside influences, including free products, to affect my opinion. Mama’s Mission was not compensated for this post. The disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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