When #SheetHappens, Do You Often Find Yourself #SheetOutOfLuck?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with and written by me for behalf of Angel Soft®. Although I have been compensated for this post, my opinion has not been influenced and all thoughts are my own.

Last week I attended my very first official BlogHer conference, not really counting the smaller but just as awesome BlogHer Food conference back in March. I had previously heard so much about BlogHer that I felt like this was not something I could afford to miss out on, especially being that BlogHer was celebrating its 10th anniversary and having a #selfiebration!

Once I knew my blogger friend where going, Mommy Mafia Miami, Diary Of A Working Mom, and Run Stroller Run, I knew I was too. We were going to make it a party within a party.

And so I began to prep. I bought conference ticket, I secured my flight and my room. I downloaded the very awesome and handy #BlogHer14 app and began to pull my trip together.

I looked over the conference agenda and made notes on which sessions I wanted to attend. There were so many awesome informational sessions that it was hard to choice having to choose between some of them. Next I checked the conference sponsor list. Some familiar names, some new ones and some totally I must go visit brands were listed too!

One of those brands was Angel Soft®. See, we have used Charmin toilet paper in our home, partly because I would get deals on it at my local store. At least I thought I was getting a good deal. Turns out that the only thing I was getting was a lot of fluff, #SheetHappens and constantly being #SheetOutOfLuck. How did I not realize this?

On many occasions when running out of toilet paper for the millionth time, I have asked myself why does it always happen to me. Unfortunately it never once occurred to me that I may not be the only victim of the toilet paper game. Did you know that Charmin Ultra Strong has 60% LESS toilet paper than Angel Soft®? Neither did I!

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My latest #SheetHappens moment actually occurred at BlogHer. Less than 10 feet away from the Angel Soft® booth! Had the convention center been using Angel Soft® I would never have ended up #SheetOutOfLuck. I was also truly surprised it didn’t happen in my hotel room at the Hilton. My roll seemed to always be full, and when I peeked under the bathroom sink to see what kind of toilet paper they were using….I discovered a roll of Angel Soft®. Clearly why my roll seemed to refill itself.

If you were at BlogHer I hope you caught all the action happening at the Angel Soft® booth. The staff was so warm and inviting, just like their product. I was greeted with huge smiles and invited to be interviewed on the throne, yes they totally had a bathroom with a toilet set up in their booth for interviews. Nothing like sitting and relaxing on a toilet bowl surrounded by people. It felt just like being at home, family meeting anyone?

Keeping a straight face and acting like there was no camera pointed at me was quite hard when you are talking potty humor! My biggest shy moment came when I was asked if I “cover or hover?” in a public restroom. I blushed and admitted that I do neither. Honestly, I don’t have the time for that if I’ve actually made it to a bathroom!

angel soft blogher

The photo booth was a ton of fun. There were so many props to choose from, but I knew I had to put on a pair of Angel wings first. I added a boa for some flair, grabbed a sign cloud that said #SheetHappens and I was camera ready.

Angel-Soft-Baby 2

Photo Credit @ Angele Lafond

Sadly on Saturday the moment had arrived when it was time to say goodbye to the Expo Hall and all the wonderful sponsors of BlogHer. I popped over to thank the gals at Angel Soft® and found the booth jam-packed. What in the world? Women had swooned in to stock up on toilet paper. That tower of toilet paper Preemie had once sat on was GONE! My fellow bloggers must have realized what I realized and never wanted to be #SheetOutOfLuck again. They were carrying Angel Soft® packages under their arms, over their heads, anywhere they could find a spot to tuck them into or onto.


Check out the stockpile Merlot Mommy, Mommy Mafia Miami and I bumped into her in the entrance to my hotel, had of Angel Soft® securely stowed on her luggage cart. That’s one smart Mama right there. She was going home with the right kind of swag.


Realizing we hadn’t had time for too many pictures together, Mommy Mafia and I borrowed one of Merlot Mommy’s packages for an Angel Soft® photo opp, because we aren’t immune to have #SheetHappen to us.

Traveling cross-country prevented me from taking any packages of Angel Soft® home with me, insert really sad face here, but fortunately they knew many of us were traveling long distances and they came ready with tons of coupons which they happily handed out to everyone. If you didn’t get one, let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you. I’ve already gotten one similar and really funny request.

I was perusing the Facebook BlogHer group when I saw an SOS message from another Blogger. When you had your photo taken in the booth you received a goodie bag and inside were these cute branded toilet bowl squishees. Apparently this bloggers son had gotten to it and she was seeking a replacement. I told her not to worry because #SheetHappens but I wouldn’t let her end up #SheetOutOfLuck. I had her covered because I happened to have an extra and would put it in the mail for her right away. She was so thankful and excited, I got such joy from it! It was like one of those public bathroom moments when you are thankful someone is in the stall next to you and hands you some toilet paper under the stall wall.

Did you know the Angel Soft® also makes facial tissue? They’ve recently come out with soft packs that you can fit easily into your desk at work. No more worrying about the kids squishing the tissue box. Can’t promise they won’t take out all the tissues to make a tissue mountain though.

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If you haven’t seen them yet, Angel Soft® created some of the funniest #SheetHappens moments on video. I found myself relating to at least a few of them. Any resonate with you?

Don’t forget to share your #SheetHappens moments with us! Just use and follow the #SheetHappens hashtag, you never know what kind of laughs you will garner when you share.

If you aren’t already doing so, be sure to like the Angel Soft® Facebook page and follow Angel Soft® Twitter handle.

Win it!!!

Angel Soft® wants to make sure that one lucky ready never ends up #SheetOutOfLuck by providing a year-supply of Angel Soft® bath tissue and Angel Soft® facial tissue!!! This giveaway runs from 8/8/14 at 12am through 8/25/14, is open to residents of the US who are at least 18 years old. Entries are subject to verification. Only one entry per household and/or IP address. You may not win more than one such giveaway on more than one blog. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase is necessary to enter. Enter using the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win. Good Luck!

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Comments (17)

  • Honestly it seem like lately every time I go to use a public restroom that isn’t in a doctor’s office I am #sheetoutofluck

  • whenever i go out shopping

  • A time where I experienced a #SheetOutOfLuck moment was when I was in a public restroom and I noticed there was no toilet paper left, and no one in the bathroom with me to give me some, lucky I had tissue in my purse with just a few sheets left. So I guess in a way it worked out.

  • My son often finished the toilet paper without replacing it or telling me it needs replaced. I often sit down to go and there’s nothing there. I try to keep the to in the cabinet close by for situations like that.

  • I experienced a #SheetOutOfLuck moment when I ran out of tp during a camping trip

  • Oh…we were just #SheetOutOfLuck at the county fair the other day! Went in the port a potty….and found out nothing! Luckily…I noticed prior to…and went into a different one!

  • I was #SheetOutOfLuck at work a few days ago because I didn’t realize that the stall I was in was out! Luckily there was someone else in the bathroom that was nice enough to hand me some!

  • I was at the department store and I noticed I was #SheetOutOfLuck. I had to call my daughter on her cell and ask her to come to the restroom and get me some toilet paper. I am sure she will be telling that story for years.

  • went to the park with grandkins, out door restroom, no paper #SheetOutOfLuck

    • At the airport, walking out of the restroom and I had toilet paper hanging out of my pants, Talk about a #SheetHappens moment.

  • at the park, no paper in outdoor restroom #SheetOutOfLuck

  • Ran out of toilet paper while taking care of business. Had to waddle out to the kitchen with my pants around my ankles to grab paper towels. Thankfully I lived alone… #SheetHappens

  • My best #sheethappens moment would have to be while using the bathroom in the airport which I almost never do there ended up being no toilet paper in the stall and I had to ask the stall next to me to pass some underneath the side. Sooo embarrassing

  • It seems I am always #SheetOutOfLuck when I am running errands, it seems like every public restroom I use has an issue with keeping the toilet paper stocked. I do carry tissues in my bag for this very reason. 🙂

  • I’ve been #sheetoutofluck in my bathroom at home by myself! lol. Then you have to do the waddle, with your pants at your ankles to the linens closet!

  • Due to my husband not EVER replacing an empty roll of toilet paper.. I have been #sheetoutofluck more than a few times.

  • I also run out when I have a huge party or company over #sheethappens.


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