It's time for a summer of Dirty Dancing. The movie that had you singing about the time of your life is on tour and hitting stages across America!

Dirty Dancing – You’ll Have The Time Of Your Life!

The wait is finally over! After a long overdue North American tour, Dirty Dancing is finally back in the States – and right here in South Florida playing at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts through April 24, 2016. I was hosted for media night for Dirty Dancing on the second night of opening because Cabaret (GO SEE IT) is also in town. So much hot and heavy dancing over a two-day period left me a bit parched – and I was just watching. And Dirty Dancing was HOT.

Dirty Dancing

Growing up I spent many a summers vacationing in the Catskill Mountains. In fact, I’ve talked to my husband recently about possibly taking the girls there this summer over the break. Some of my best memories are from those long hot summers running around with friends, carefree, swimming in lakes and having the time of my life. Another fun memory was watching Dirty Dancing with friends when I was in my teens. Frances “Baby” Houseman was the sweet innocent girl we all wanted to be – and Johnny Castle was the hunky, hunky guy we wanted to be dancing with.


Fast forward to the on stage production last night and I was transported back in time to all those sweet memories and at the same time still craving a dance with Johnny, played by Christopher Tierney, whose voice reminded me a few times of Mr. Patrick Swayze himself. Oh and the way he ran his fingers through his hair…what I wouldn’t have given to have done that for him. Okay, clearly I was swooning over Johnny last night, but so were most of the women in the audience. Rachel Boone did a terrific job as Baby, right down to the way she moved, walked and talked.

But the two people I really want to tell you about are Doug Carpenter playing Billy Kostecki – to a T, and Adrienne Walker who plays Elizabeth/Singer. Considering that words escape me, I will do my best to explain. Doug and Adrienne have the MOST AMAZING VOICES. Doug really shocked and surprised me and a few of the audience members around me, his voice was so incredible it almost sounded unbelievable. And Adrienne, oh my Adrienne, what a note she can carry. I found myself craving more and more of her, in fact I would have totally been in heaven listening to her singing all night. These two were a real treat and I want to see/hear more of them on stage.

Whether you’ve seen Dirty Dancing a million times, or only once, the iconic songs will come back to you in a heartbeat, the memories will flood in, and you will surely have the time of your life! I’m still singing Hungry Eyes…

About Dirty Dancing

“It’s impossible not to have fun!” – Chicago Sun Times

London’s Sunday Express says, “This crowd-pleasing stage adaptation hits the jackpot!”

Dirty Dancing, the classic story on stage is an unprecedented live experience, exploding with heart-pounding music, passionate romance and sensational dancing.

It’s the summer of 1963, and 17 year old Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman is on vacation in New York’s Catskill Mountains with her older sister and parents. Baby discovers her own entertainment when she stumbles upon the staff quarters where an all-night dance party is in full swing. Mesmerized by the raunchy dance moves and the pounding rhythms, Baby can’t wait to be part of the scene, especially when she catches sight of Johnny Castle the resort dance instructor. Baby’s life is about to change forever as she is thrown in at the deep end as Johnny’s leading lady both on-stage and off with breathtaking consequences. Don’t miss your chance to see this record-breaking live theatre sensation. You’ll have the time of your life! Seen by millions across the globe, this worldwide smash hit features the hit songs “Hungry Eyes,” “Hey Baby,” “Do You Love Me?” and the heart-stopping “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life.”

It's time for a summer of Dirty Dancing. The movie that had you singing about the time of your life is on tour and hitting stages across America!

The parental guidance lists this show as appropriate for children ages 13+, please use caution as there is discussion of unwanted pregnancy. Dirty Dancing runs for 2 hours and 20 minutes, which includes one (1) twenty-minute intermission. Food, snacks and beverages are available for purchase. Food is not permitted inside the theatre for this performance.

Ticket prices start at $35. There are several shows left to choose from, including matinee options, with the last show on April 24, 2016. Dirty Dancing is playing at the The Broward Center for the Performing Arts which is located at 201 SW Fifth Avenue, Ft Lauderdale, FL, 33312. Tickets are available for purchase here or by calling the Box Office at 954.462.0222. Be sure to visit Broadway Across America for details about upcoming Broadway shows coming to South Florida! 

A Broadway workshop for students will be held for Dirty Dancing on April 23, 2016 at 11:30AM in the JM Family Studio Theater. The workshop is recommended for students ages 12-18 and is free. The workshop will include an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at national touring productions with members of the cast and crew in a one-hour lively exchange. For individual workshop tickets, click here, for Groups of 10 or more, call 954.660.6307, or email

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  • I’d love to see this performance. Thanks for sharing!

  • OMgosh!!! I need to see this!! One of my most favorite movies ever!!

  • My sister and I made sure to learn this movie by heart when we were kids. I don’t even like “chick flicks” but this movie is the bomb! I would love to see this musical and I don’t like musicals either! Lol

  • I just loved this movie. I have watched it to many times to count. I would love to be able to see this. Thank you so much for sharing

  • I loved that movie with Patrick Swayze! Nobody outs baby in the corner! Musicals have been on my want to do list for ages. I hope The opportunity presents itself soon. Would love to see this

  • I have never seen dirty dancing but I really want to. And I would love to see it live =]]

  • WOW!! awesome! video, very powerful! I sure do hope they come here in MA. I would love to see this live, Loved the movie and I know I would love it on stage.


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