CVS pharmacy y mas – Just What the Doctor Ordered for Miami!

Last year when CVS Pharmacy purchased Navarro, it made many Miamians wonder what would become of their local neighborhood pharmacy. Many older folks in the Hispanic communities of Miami have counted on Navarro as a place they could get their prescriptions, do some food shopping, buy cultural items needed for their household and more. Fortunately Navarro isn’t going anywhere, but CVS is getting a face-lift in some areas to enhance the shopping experiences of the Hispanic communities surrounding them. Grab a cafecito and experience the new CVS pharmacy y mas!

cvs pharmacy y mas store miami

It’s like CVS and Navarro had a baby! CVS pharmacy y mas stores are just what the doctor ordered for Miami. CVS is taking the traditional CVS pharmacy stores and enhancing them with items and services normally found at a Navarro store. Items such as Aaluminum Calderos (rice pots), espresso coffee makers, Navarro’s famous wall of fragrance selections, and Navarro’s famous low prices. But it’s not just that, CVS pharmacy y mas stores will also be offering special health corners where you can get all your monthly insurance allowed medical supplies, prescription delivery services and more.

CVS Pharmacy y mas

Looking for a Domino table? They’ve got that! Items unique to the Latino culture will be available throughout the stores making it easier for Miamians to get in, get out and get what they need all in one place.

CVS pharmacy y mas will include bilingual customer service, new Hispanic products from trusted brands, the Navarro Fragrance counter, competitive pricing, new services such as bill payments, OTC Heath Solutions Counter, and of course Cafecito served twice daily at the pharmacy at 10am and 3pm!

There are currently 12 CVS pharmacy y mas stores throughout the Miami-Dade county, with many more to come! Here’s a preview of my recent store visit and some of the things you will be able to find during your visit to a CVS pharmacy y mas store! CVS is a one stop shopping place. Next time you are there, be sure to check out all the budget friendly holiday gifts you can pick up for under $20!

CVS pharmacy y mas!

cvs pharmacy y mas

cvs pharmacy y mas navarro fragrance counter

cvs pharmacy y mas hispanic products

cvs pharmacy y mas rice and beans

cvs pharmacy y mas hispanic influence

cvs pharmacy y mas health corner

cvs pharmacy y mas dominos

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  • I like shopping at CVS, we only have a teeny weeny one near me. I would love to shop at a CVS like this one – wow!


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