Comforting Your Child When They Are Sick

Comforting Your Child When They Are Sick

One of the most horrible things for parents to experience is having sick kids. It will inevitably happen and probably when you least expect it, unless of course you live in a bubble. And it usually happens at night, just as you are ready to climb into bed. As if watching your child suffer isn’t enough, you are going to stay up all night doing it. When my kids are sick I simply don’t sleep. Either they are sleeping in our bed or I am constantly getting up to go check on them in their bed. Although you can’t trade places with your kids like you probably wish you could, you can help them by comforting and soothing them. Comforting your child when they are sick isn’t always easy, so here’s a few tips to help you along the way.

Comforting Your Child When They Are Sick

Comforting Your Child When They Are Sick

Cuddle with Them

One of the best ways of comforting your child when they are sick is as simple as cuddling with them. One of the first signs that your child is sick is that they usually start acting clingy and whiny. Giving your sick child extra cuddles will help them feel comforted and cherished. Although it can’t physically take away the pain and discomfort, it can soothe them enough that they fall asleep and get some much needed rest – and hopefully you will too.

Make a Special Treat

You can also comfort your child by making them a special treat. Try something like freezing juice or Jello in popsicle trays. Not only will this treat feel good on your sick child’s throat and stomach, it’ll also serve the dual purpose of keeping them hydrated. Spoil the kid, it’s okay, I won’t judge you. Give them some crayons and printable coloring pages so they can take their mind off being sick.

Treat Their Pain

If your child feels miserable, don’t be afraid to treat their pain. Use Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen to help lower their temperatures and provide some pain relief. If your child doesn’t like taking medicine, you can try hiding it in their juice or pop. Most of the time I will only give fever reducing meds when they reach the point of whiny – neither of us can handle it. When the temperature reaches a height that produces a cranky kid and a cranky mom, it’s time to medicate. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV or this blog. Speak to your doc before doling out meds to your kid.

Fill the Tub

Another great way to comfort your child when they’re sick is to fill up the bathtub. Before putting your child in the tub, be sure to check the temperature of the water to ensure that it won’t burn them. Taking a bath will help wash the sweat off of your child and will help cool them down if they have a fever. They will feel much better after getting out of the bathtub. We’ve also used cooler baths – no not freezing cold, baths to help ease temperature. When they aren’t feeling overly sick, they will enjoy some time playing in the bath.

Plug in the Vaporizer

If your sick child is dealing with congestion, you can comfort them by plugging in the vaporizer. A vaporizer can help clear up their passageways so that they can breathe easier. Adding Vicks vapor solution to the vaporizer will make the breathing treatment even more effective! To ensure that your child is breathing in the vapors, you can set up a play tent and make your child cozy in it. Use blankets and pillows to transform the tent into a comfortable lounging area. Once the tent is set up, place the vaporizer in there with your child. Don’t have a vaporizer or a tent? We put Vapor Rub on their feet and then cover them with socks, as well as rubbing it on their chest and backs. Don’t ask about the feet thing, I don’t know why, I just do it because I was told it helps – and it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Having a sick child is hard on a parent. Sometimes comforting your child when they are sick is all you can do while you wait out the illness. What are some ways you comfort your kids when they are sick?

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  • These are such right on tips. I am helping my son raise my grandchildren and we have done all of these things. Thank you so much for sharing

  • It’s heart breaking to see your child sick. Especially when they’re too young to tell you what’s hurting them.

  • thank you!! LO is only 2 months old so I will keep these tips in mind 😉 I will keep definitely be investing in a vaporizer

  • I love these tips you shared. I am helping my son raise my two young grandchildren. These suggestions have come in handy for me. I hate seeing the little ones sick. Thank you so much for sharing


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