Adjust Your Clock Daylight Savings Begins November 2, 2014

Tick-Tock It’s Time To Turn Back Your Clock!

At 2am on November 2, 2014 daylight savings makes it appearance once again for the last time this year. To avoid waking up confused it’s recommended to set your clock back just before going to bed.

It’s that time of the year again when we lose an hour of our day. I hope you all get to bed early because I am sure the kiddos will be up an hour early!

While most of our clock update themselves now, don’t forget to adjust your microwave, stove, wall clock, grandfather clock, car clock, and any other manually set clock.

Not only do we lose an hour but it’s also getting colder outside. As we head into winter and leave fall behind we have to step up our pep so that we can stay cheery amongst the grays of the cold weather season ahead.

Don’t get left behind in the cold and wondering why you feel so tired. Preparation is key to wake up refreshed on the morning during which you could so use an extra hour of sleep.

Did I miss any? Were you working an overnight shift and had to stay an extra hour? Be sure to share with us your Daylight Savings experience.

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  • I am looking forrward to the time change as our days seem so short again- its cold here already! I dont care for the earlier ‘night’ but do love the earlier mornings 🙂

  • My husband and I were just debating exactly when to turn the clocks back, thanks for clarifying!


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