Citrus Lane Subscription Box June 2014 Infant Edition #Review

The June 2014 box from Citrus Lane arrived last week. This box is one of the two I receive for my girls. This one is for Preemie, and is categorized for an 8 month-old girl.

I decided to get this subscription for Preemie because it simply wouldn’t be fair for one of the girls to have one and not the other. Just kidding, it’s really just more fun for me! We have benefited from an online special which makes each box cost us only $16 per month. If you are interested in signing up, click here and enter code SAVEHALF to get 50% off your 1st box!

So here is the breakdown from Preemies box for June (Em’s box, for a 2-year-old girl, is already posted here):


Disney Wet Bag from Bumkins, ARV $10.95

Bumkins Wet Bags are a versatile storage solution! Made from Bumkins lightweight, durable, machine washable waterproof fabric, featuring heat-sealed seams for true waterproof protection! Ideal for cloth diapering parents but also the perfect bag or carrying dirty clothes, shoes, swimwear and much more. These bags are also PVC, BPA, Phthalate, Vinyl and Lead free.

We received this same (different design) wet bag in Em’s box. I will be keeping this one in the girls diaper bag to be used for “accidents”, which happen more often than not. This will eliminate trying to find a plastic bag to put “wet” clothes into so that everything else in the diaper bag doesn’t get dirty. Really a great item to have around. It’s kind of thin so I am curious to see how it really holds up. I will be sure to post an update.


Little Vehicle from Hape, ARV $9.95

This beautiful wooden vehicle fits easily into little hands, making it easy to play planes, trains, automobiles. Great for encouraging fine motor and later help develop imagination and pretend play. Made out of solid wood and finished with durable, child safe paint.

While cute, it’s still a little mature for Preemie to play with. I love wooden toys though, and think they are so much better for children than plastic, but at the same time, can be a lot more painful if tossed at the head lol. If Preemie was on age target, this would have worked. I know Em will be “borrowing” this car until Preemie is ready to play with it. The bright red color of the vehicle is sure to be engaging and attract curiosity from Preemie.


Taro Gomi Book from Chronicle Books, ARV $6.95

We’ve found that the unique illustrations in Taro Gomi’s board books make them a favorite of babies and toddlers. This playful book helps to encourage a love of learning, and develop verbal and cognitive skills. Sure to become a hit during both storytime and playtime!

Books, books and more books! We love books. Reading with the girls is so important to me. I have been a lover of reading since as far back as I can remember. Books geared towards children have become a lot more fun and engaging, like this one which encourages you to play while learning with its PEEKABOO holes for little fingers.


 Playful Wash from Episencial, ARV $6.50 for 3.4oz tube (8oz is only $9.99)

Enjoy an ultra-gentle all-over cleanse with this fresh, sudsy bath-time favorite. The Episencial 2-in-1 hair shampoo and body gel blends the natural cleansing properties of moisturizing tangerine oil with calming and conditioning calendula and aloe for extra sensitive skin. Smells like a burst of bright, fresh oranges. Eye-safe, pH balanced, and quick-rinsing. For ages 0+ (even preemies), kids, pregnancy and sensitive skin of all ages. Moisturizing + quick-rinsing, made with certified organics, Sulfate, fragrance, harsh chemical and gluten-free, Clinically proven eye-safe + non-allergenic, and Pediatrician developed.

I had to visit their site to get the ARV on this item, and was taken aback to see they have a collection of items made specifically for Preemies and C-Section babies. Wow, talk about blowing me away. It’s designed to help protect the baby’s skin, which has usually not finished developing or has been exposed to medicines required to be taken by the mother. If you are interested, you can even order samples for $2.95. It’s not clear, but looks like you get a little sampler of each of their products. Might be worth it to try them out. Can’t wait to try this.


Stage 2 Hearty Veggie Meals from Plum Organics, ARV $1.59

These savory, veggies based meals are a great way to start introducing more complex flavors to your little ones. We like these pouches because they are simple blends of veggies with just a hint of spices, to help prep tiny palates for future flavors. Certified organic ingredients with 100% BPA-free packaging.

Preemie is just about ready to try this. The only ingredient she hasn’t had yet is the chickpeas. We love Plum Organics and have used them for Em since she was an infant. Preemie isn’t quite ready to eat from a pouch yet, but I have one of those spoon attachments that I can use for her next feeding.

As I mentioned in the review of Em’s box, there was again an offer from Third Love.

Included in the box was a postcard with a special offer from Third Love. It appears to be a bra online specialty store. There was some mention about an app you can use for fittings in the privacy of your own home. They are offering $20 off a purchase of $40 or more. I checked out the site briefly. Unfortunately they do not carry bras in my size, they only go up to a 38c. I hope they weren’t including this discount into the value of the box, because there is nothing for me to buy, well, panties, but who needs $21 panties, even if it will only cost me half.

All told, the value I see in the box is $35.94, like I said, not counting the above $20 off offer. As a one time purchase, this box would have cost $29. Having gotten the box for only $16 at my subscription rate, I definitely won out on this one and even discovered some new products. And if you want, you can try out your first box for only $15 too! Use code SAVEHALF and click here how to get your first box for 50% off.

But I will tell you a little secret. I did receive additional coupon codes to be used on all the above mentioned products online stores. That does add some extra value to the box, but we won’t know how much until and if I use those codes.

Did you get a Citrus Lane box this month? What did you get in yours? Share with us!

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