Chomp Into Big Savings For Back To School Shopping At Sawgrass Mills Mall

Shopping for 3 kiddos headed back to school this month is no easy task. Nor is it CHEAP! I never leave home without coupons, and never shop unless there is a sale happening, or at least try to hit the clearance section first to see what is still available. This isn’t always the ideal situation when you are shopping for popular sizes though. While I still love a good sale – and a bountiful clearance section, I love a big outlet mall even more! All the my family’s favorite brands and for fractions of the cost at retail stores, a match made in Mama shopping heaven. Couple that with this weeks automatic 6% extra savings due to Florida’s Sales Tax Holiday and there is no better place for Back to School shopping than Sawgrass Mills Mall! 

Sawgrass Mills Mall

Imagine conquering all the back-to-school clothing purchases you need for all of your school aged children in one place. That’s exactly what I was able to do for my three kids, ages 2-18! I covered all the bases from backpacks and polo shirts to winter jackets without having to drive from one store to another and all in under a few hours at Sawgrass Mills Mall.


The girls are headed to preschool and things can get pretty messy with all the exploring they do. While uniforms aren’t required, I prefer they wear polo shirts over sending them in their regular clothes that seem to never release the stains they get on themselves. Stopping at The Children’s Place Outlet first I was able to find polo shirts for Em at half the price of the regular TCP store. I grabbed four polos in different colors and even found an adorable pink polo dress. These will all be taken to the uniform store our preschool uses for embroidering. Had I bought the shirts directly from the uniform store it would cost me at least two and a half times the price, if not more. Oh and that exclusive Sawgrass Mills coupon book, yeah you can buy that at the Customer Service Kiosk for just $10 bucks. It’s LOADED with coupons for almost every store at Sawgrass Mills Mall.


As this is Preemie’s first year in school, she needed a small backpack for items she needs to bring to and from school daily. How can you say no to an adorable Olaf mini bookbag? I can’t wait to see it on her. And that dress, it sure was “Tres Cute”, I couldn’t resist, Em LOVES wearing dresses.

SMM Adidas

The great thing about having two girls back to back is being able to pass down shoes and clothes. Unfortunately when I recently tried a pair of Em’s old sneakers on Preemie they didn’t fit. Seems Preemies feet have grown overnight. Shoes, or rather sneakers are needed since the girls will be running around in the playground, so I headed over to the Adidas Outlet. This store was one of J-bird’s requests for me to stop by to get some pants. In a few weeks he’s headed back to college in NYC and the winters can get pretty cold.

I love that the Adidas Outlet had everything I was looking for. Two matching pairs of sneakers for the girls at B1G1 half off – picture these high tops paired with over-the-top tutu’s – or even that “Tres Cute” dress, that Em loves to wear! I remember when I used to wear cool Adidas sneakers…ahhh, the good ole days. Oh, and you see those sweatpants?? Yeah, B1G1 Half Off!!! And that’s on top of the already deeply discounted outlet store pricing at Sawgrass Mills Mall. J-bird took after my love of comfy sweatpants, not just for lounging around, but for those lazy mornings when he’s running late to class. And yes, there’s a coupon for the Adidas Outlet store too!

SMM 21 Men Forever 21

21Men aka Forever 21 (the largest in South Florida at Sawgrass Mills Mall) was the next store to cross off of J-birds request list. All I can say is this Mama has still got it. Even though he’s 18 now I still know what he likes and can shop for him in a way that saves tons of money because he’s still learning – so says the emergency credit card from his first year at college. I was able to purchase a light jacket, baseball style 3/4 sleeve t-shirt, funky looking sweatpants, two pairs of socks, two pairs of funky gloves, a beanie and a scarf all for less than $100; no coupons necessary, some items were on clearance.


I popped into The North Face store looking for a face mask for J-bird. Last year he said it was so cold walking around campus that his face would freeze – not literally, except for his beard. Can you believe it’s still summer, we live in Florida and they were already sold out??? So I headed over to the Columbia Sportswear Outlet (exclusive to Sawgrass Mills). It was meant to be! Lightweight, yet body warmth capturing, winter jackets for the girls and J-bird. I had a hard time deciding between getting the vest or jacket versions for the girls so I texted a friend. Turns out she was very familiar with the Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective technology that Columbia uses and encouraged me to buy the jackets over the vests. In fact, she asked me if they have them in a hot pink in her size; THEY DID, so I grabbed one for her – including her jacket into my purchase scored me a $30 off Gift Card for making a purchase over $150. There was also a 10% off coupon in the booklet, oh, and the jackets were all an extra 25% off!!!! I paid $33 for each of the girls jackets and J-birds (and my friends) was $54 – that’s about 53% and 51% off regular prices.

SMM Dresses

As I was leaving Sawgrass Mills Mall I cut through Bloomingdales – The Outlet Store…and ran (sorta, kinda, but not really) right into two beautiful twinsie dresses by Little Me for the girls first day of school – and hopefully picture day too. I can’t say no to daisy’s and tulle. I could have kept shopping, or at least browsing, for hours more but it was almost time to pick up the girls from camp and my cart was getting a little full. 

SMM Shopping Cart

They’ve even got one of those One Click (Apple Specialist) store. It’s a new line of stores working with Apple in different markets. Nice to know it’s there because I could use some new accessories for my phone – I’m headed back next week to Sawgrass Mills Mall for more tax-free shopping – some electronics and accessories are included in the sales tax holiday. Be sure to review the detailed list of tax-free items.

So if you’re short on time, or have all day, and are ready to save and save some more, be sure to double up on your savings through August 16th by shopping for less during the sales tax holiday at Sawgrass Mills Mall. They really have everything you need from the latest fashions to indispensable supplies, winter clothes – during summer, and even all the gadgets and gizmo’s you might need all at savings of up to 70 percent off. Over 350 stores all under one roof – sorta kinda because there is an outdoor mall section, with many stores like LACOSTE Outlet, Disney’s Character Premier, Original Penguin, Kate Spade New York Outlet, and more, EXCLUSIVE to Sawgrass Mills Mall. While you are purchasing that HIGHLY recommended coupon book, be sure to grab a store directory/map pamphlet or download the Simon Centers app. If I’d have had to try to find all these stores at their own individual locations I wouldn’t have gotten any shopping done, and you know me, I need to keep it moving multi-tasking. Map it out and get it done.

Disclosure: This is sponsored post in collaboration with Sawgrass Mills Mall. All opinions expressed are my own. I received a gift card to experience the mall first hand. Regardless, I only share that which I truly believe in and use for my family, that I feel will be a good fit for you the reader. The disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  • I love that there are so many stores and items to choose from, The tax break is definitely going to help out a lot of people. I havn’t even started my helping in on shopping for back to school..

  • I’m all about saving and when it comes down to shopping for 3 kids & 2 adults I’m always looking for the best deals and coupons to stack!

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      Do you have a sales tax holiday near you? Sawgrass Mills Mall is part of the Simon Centers. They have malls all across the US and even a few internationally. You can locate them here:

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  • I love love love the Sawgrass mall!


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