Celebrating Halloween at Disneyland with Mickey!

Just like Disney World, Disneyland also celebrates Halloween in its parks with several events and decorations to create an entire holiday atmosphere. If you have never celebrated Halloween at  Disney in the past, or had the Disneyland experience, there is a lot to see and do. Sometimes, the park along with all the holiday festivities can be a lot to take in for first time guests, but when you have an idea of what there is available and what you’d like to do, you can plan your trip out better.

The following are some tips for celebrating Halloween at Disneyland, filled with parties and festivities.

Celebrating Halloween at Disneyland

Celebrating Halloween at Disneyland

Halloween Time at Disneyland

To give everyone the chance to celebrate Halloween at Disneyland, the holiday season is extended through more than one month. The official party time begins and ends on different dates each year, but typically begins mid September and ends on the first of the month of November. That gives revelers plenty of time to plan their own Halloween outing to the park.

The Main Event

Just like Disney World, Halloween at Disneyland has a main event that you don’t want to miss – Mickey’s Halloween Party. This special event is ticketed and is very popular, so you need to plan far in advance for this and purchase your tickets as soon as they are on sale in order to guarantee a spot. Children under the age of 3 do not need a ticket. The party is actually spread out over specific dates throughout the Halloween party period, so make sure that you check all the possible dates before booking. Costumes are allowed, but there are some costume restrictions when celebrating Halloween at Disneyland. and the event is spread out over the entire park, with extra time prior to the party available for guests so they can get in as much Halloween fun and ride time as possible.

Enchanted Mahaloween

For a special themed Halloween party, check out Trader Sam’s Mahaloween event, another special ticket event that caters to adults. This is a live entertainment event complete with drinks and a special menu that will get you in the Halloween spirit. All the stops are pulled out to keep the party going, the fear of Halloween in you, and a dash of fun and Disney magic. If you are an adult, or want an evening away from the kids, this is a great option that will have you wanting to return for Halloween Disney fun every year. Your ticketed admission also includes commemorative swag.

Spooky Rides and Extra Thrills

In order to get everyone into the holiday spirit, all of Disneyland is decked out for Halloween. Even the rides are transformed into spooky, ghoulish, and creepy versions of themselves that will no doubt have you coming back for more, even if everyone screams through it. All of the favorite rides in the park will have a scary, not too scary though, twist to them and additional decorations to really light up the parks at night. Festival lighting and displays add a whole new element of things to do and look at while you are at Disneyland, and there is even a special Haunt Tour that families can take to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. Don’t miss the frightful surprises lighting up the night sky during the fireworks show near Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

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  • Oh my goodness this sounds so fun. I would love to go during Halloween! Thank you for sharing.

  • This sounds like so much fun. I just love Disney. They always do it up right. Thank you so much for sharing

  • I would so love to spend halloween there and go to the haunted house! What a great idea.


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