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Why I Kept My Husband Busy On Father’s Day

When holidays like Father’s Day come to mind you generally picture one of two scenarios: family outings or dad kicking back and relaxing. Not in our family. This year I wanted to handle things a little differently and keep my husband busy on Father’s Day.
The day started with Papa getting up at 7:30am because the girls woke up early – like they do everyday because they have no concept of glorious idea of sleeping in late.

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Travel Tuesday: 7 Best Southern Travel Destinations

No matter where you live in the U.S., nothing beats a trip down South. Family vacations are made better when you visit one, or any of these 7 Best Southern Travel Destinations. Hospitality, accents, classic cooking and beauty abound in our Southern states. The South has lots of great theme parks, cultural centers, museum and landmarks of our history as a nation. Take a stroll through the South with your family making these your next travel destinations.

Sun ‘N Fun This Summer The Family Carefree Summer Way!

Disclosure: Thank you to CarefreeRV Resorts for sponsoring today’s post and giving me the opportunity to spend the summer in Sarasota near the best Florida beaches!
A great road trip is an amazing way to reconnect with the family. The time spent traveling to get to our staycation destinations is time we get to freely chat about everything we are looking forward to in the near future.

Travel Tuesday: 7 Items You Need When Taking A Cruise

If you are considering a cruise vacation this year, here is a list of 7 Items You Need When Taking A Cruise that will help your packing and eventual vacation go smoothly. Cruise ships are like little cities on the water, but your budget and peace of mind will mean these are things you want to have on hand. From things that save you time and money, to the important paperwork that required for travel, this list is an excellent start for a cruise newbie.

Free Things To Do In New York City!

Having been born and raised in New York City there were so many places I visited as a child, with my parents and especially on school trips. You see my Mama was a New York City taxi cab driver and it was her job to know and suggest attractions and places for families to visit while in town. Mama always kept lists handy with free museum entry times and suggestions on other free things to do in New York City.