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Grush – The Gaming Toothbrush Your Kids Will Love

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Tired of fighting the daily tooth brushing battle with your kids? Looking for a fun and innovative way to have your kids begging to brush? It’s time to check out the newest and latest in toothbrush technology. I know, I know, why didn’t I/you/we think of this??? Onto phase two, time to make sure your kid is the first on the block to be bragging about brushing.

Reward Your Children With The Oral-B Disney Magic Timer App

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Em loves to brush her teeth. I mean really loves to brush. She doesn’t necessarily get the concept of what she is actually supposed to be doing. So instead of moving the brush up and down she shakes her head side to side. If you follow me on Instagram you can see a video of it here.

Free Kids App: Talking Anya Dress Up And Pet Puppies Is A Hit With Kids

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Does your little one wish they could have a cute little puppy? Now they can without requiring all the work of walking, feeding and grooming which always falls on the shoulders of the parents. Anya is an interactive 3D little girl with adorable little puppy friends that wants to entertain your children and have fun with them. This FREE app is super fun for little girls of all ages.

Bringing Style To Your Kitchen Appliances: MIRA Glass Digital Kitchen Scale

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Mama’s Mission
introduces the
MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale
Before I got pregnant with Em I had decided to get fit. I joined the gym and hired a personal trainer. I also had joined Weight Watchers with a friend, more for the company than the moral support.
As part of my routine with my personal trainer and WW I began to watch my daily caloric intake. This included creating food portions.