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Ballet Cat Dance Dance Giveaway

Ballerinas Love Ballet Cat Dance Dance Underpants! {Giveaway}

We have partnered with Disney-Hyperion once again! This time to introduce you to the newest book in the series of Ballet Cat Dance Dance Underpants! Disney-Hyperion was gracious enough to provide a prize pack so that I may treat my readers to a fun giveaway in honor of our love of ballet! All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I have a little ballerina in my house. She goes by the name Princess Ballerina Emily.

What Is Love Teleflora Love Note Concierge

What Is Love? Giveaway From Teleflora’s Love Note Concierge

Do you have a tough time expressing what you want to say? Many people do and that’s why Teleflora has debuted a new FREE service for its customers called the Love Note Concierge. Because “What is Love?” and how do you put such a beautiful meaning into just a few words. Words are hard and Teleflora can help! Finding beautiful flowers is easy, it’s the love note that can be tough to put together.

Near or Far, Send Cheer for the Holidays to Loved Ones {Giveaway}

For several months almost every Friday my husband would bring me a beautiful bouquet. At first it was such a special treat and it really made me smile, even though I was grunting a little about the money his was spending – okay, a lot, I was grunting a lot. Then the flowers stopped. Now I am grunting because I have no flowers. I guess this is what he means when he says “I can never win with you” LOL.

Make Your Bed in a Flash – Just Zipit! Bedding {Giveaway}

Today’s story is sponsored by Zipit Bedding; keeping you warm at night and helping you make your bed in a flash.
There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done that I need to do. From picking up dirty laundry, washing dishes, straightening up and making the beds, the morning flies by so quickly. Making the bed is one of my least favorite daily chores, but one that I insist on. Why? Tomorrow morning leave your bed unmade and take a picture from a far away angle.

Because Your Dog Deserves The Best: Ultimate Dog Bundle #Giveaway

They say a dog is man’s best friend. I disagree, a dog is anyone’s best friend, including woman and children. While the saying may be generic, the love I have for Poochi, and his love for me, is one of a kind. Poochi came into my life at a very difficult time for me, and he’s been a real blessing. Celebrating the holidays with our family means celebrating it with our Poochi too! Your dog deserves the best.